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How to Develop a Unique Brand Identity in 2022



How to Develop a Unique Brand Identity in 2022

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While it is common that every company or business has its name, it should also have its own brand and brand identity. This is possible with the implementation of the brand identity strategy which usually consists of several phases. Creating brand identity includes various stages, one of which is the elaboration of the visual brand identity. To learn more about all that, read this article that provides information on how to develop brand identity and strengthen it in 2022.

Importance of unique brand identity strategy

Before talking about the significance of the brand identity, it is worth telling more about it. Very often it is perceived only as a logo, however, there are many more elements that must be taken into consideration while elaborating on the brand identity concepts.

A typical brand identity strategy involves the creation of the visual elements along with the principles that the company communicates to its target audience. Thus, it is necessary to think of the logo, tagline, tone of voice, the channels for communication, the style of the company, etc.

Having a unique brand identity is crucial in 2022 because it helps to stand out from the variety of similar other companies in the market. A memorable brand provides opportunities to catch the attention of potential customers and retain the existing ones.

What is a visual brand identity?

According to numerous scientific experiments and research studies, people tend to perceive most of the information via visual channels. That is why a logo as a part of the entire brand identity strategy means a lot to any company.

The process of visual brand identity development is paid much attention to due to its significance. Even when there is already a strong and memorable logo, some companies decide to create a new visual brand identity. For instance, nearly a decade ago, a famous chain of fast-food restaurants McDonald’s decided to change its brand colors from red and white to green and sand colors.

Even when the brand performs well and the logo is memorable, its regular overview and analysis are needed. Such services as Attention Insight would be rather useful in such cases as they help to understand how people perceive visual brand identity elements. As a result, you will be able to craft a unique logo that attracts the attention of customers, builds up associations with your brand, and enhances the overall brand image.

How to develop brand identity?

The process of creating a brand identity is long-lasting as the overall process takes place on an ongoing basis. However, there are several simple ways for creating a brand identity and sustaining it over time.

As a rule, there is no unique guide for creating a brand identity, though there are many recommendations that would help to strengthen the overall brand image. They could be used either during the process of the brand establishment as well as during rebranding.

Analyze market

Before entering the market, you should learn more about it, which also includes the competitors’ analysis and the investigation of the target audience’s behavior. Performing such research is crucial because it helps you better understand how to differentiate your products from those that competitors produce and address your customers in the right way.

Analyzing your competitors includes different aspects, including the investigation of their websites, social media profiles, and their products. Viewing the competitors’ websites would help to understand which design they apply, what is their tone of voice, etc. There are also methods, which you can check here, for analyzing the competitors’ websites in terms of the used optimization techniques, backlinking profiles, and other strategies applied.

As for the target audience analysis, you should clearly define which demographic group are your products suitable for. Addressing college students would be done in a totally different way than communicating to the over 60s target group.

Create website

Practically every business has a website these days as the presence of the company online is crucial when establishing the brand identity. The same goes for the social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms. A strong online presence helps customers to make their choices based on the provided information about the company and other customers’ reviews.

When creating a website, it is necessary to keep in mind its optimization as the powerful means to increase its visibility on the web. This primarily refers to the off-page optimization for Google and other search engines by building backlinks.

Create the brand voice

After having analyzed the market and the target audience, you could properly develop an authentic way of communicating with your customers. This would be necessary for further creation of the tagline, posts on social media, texts on the website, and so on.

Design logo

Being a crucial element of the visual brand identity, a logotype creates an impression of the company and helps to establish a strong association with the products it makes. A logo should be a quintessence of all the company’s values and represent the benefits to its customers.

While designing a logo, it is necessary to pay attention to various aspects that influence the overall perception of the image. Among the most important ones are the font, color palette, shapes, and the arrangement of the elements.

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