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How to Use Effective Social Media Strategies to Increase Brand Awareness



How to Use Effective Social Media Strategies to Increase Brand Awareness

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For your business growth, brand awareness is a must. With more brand recognition, there will be more selling of products and services. And, there is no other place than social media to increase brand awareness. Recent statistics have revealed that there are almost 3.78 billion social media users globally. However, 73% of users believe that social media marketing has come out to be profitable for their business growth.

With these appealing numbers, it becomes evident to invest time and effort in social media. Considering so, implement the below-mentioned tricks to capture and engage the audience to stay ahead of your competitors!

8 Ways to Increase Brand Awareness with Social Media Marketing

Pick an Ideal Social Media Platform

Several social media platforms are there that help connect with a huge audience. Here, the tough task is to pick the one that improves your online presence. When it is about marketing, choosing all is inappropriate. Find the right one and start improving the brand presence there only.

It would be better if you examine the pros and cons of every platform. Check out the demographics of active users, and find out how you can receive the content for their posts. Finalize which one is more profitable when creating an active community of potential customers. Consider that your initial point, create your brand regularly with popular social media platforms, like, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.

Tag others to Start Communication

Mentioning or tagging is an outstanding brand awareness method as it consumes only a second and immediately boosts the content. Let’s consider- when you tag someone on Instagram or Twitter, they get an instant notification. That implies you have an additional opportunity to engage more. In addition, it is a reliable way of creating a positive image at a competitive edge.

Leverage Hashtags

Using hashtags liberally and freely is definitely going to open the doors to connect with the number of users. They show your posts in the sight of different types of audiences and greatly boost your brand’s influence on social media.

Although every network has its own advantages, the hashtag is not necessarily rocket science. It quickly improves the visibility of the searches. Here, the small niche tags play an important role- they consider your business to the loyal fans community.

Generate High-Quality and Authentic Content

To succeed in the marketing world implies regularly creating distinctive, high-quality, interesting content. That is to say, integrate only real content that strongly resonates with the users. You can begin by using only those areas that are related closely to your specific market segment. Use eye-catching visual effects to entice the target audience.

Depending on the already-used social media templates gives brand recognition on Instagram or Facebook. It is advisable not to post similar content on every social media handle. It would be better if you share the unique post with valuable information. Avoid copy-pasting. If you are unsure of how to assure the uniqueness of the content, then a leading social media marketing agency could be your helping hand. Generally, they have skilled professionals who know every back or front of content posting.

Connect with Influencers

Another tip here is to collaborate with popular social media influencers. Basically, the term “influencer marketing” comes when the brand or business collaborates with influencers for brand, service, or product promotion. By far, Instagram is more famous than all social media platforms.

To believe, while working with various brands, as many as 78% of influencers believe that Instagram is the most promising platform. Undoubtedly, working with famous influencers will improve your brand’s online reputation. Additionally, it allows you to capture more leads, get new customers, and strengthen your overall conversion rate.

Social Media Strategies to Increase Brand Awareness

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Arrange Contests

You can hold contests of any kind on social media pages. For example, if you are a Salon owner, you can arrange a “Buy one get one” offer for your potential customers. Be creative- share the contest measures on social media and allow them to give you valuable results. People like to compete and preferably, they share the contest with friends to improve brand awareness and your brand influence.

Questions to Initiate Discussions

Social media platforms are meant to improve dialogue and engagement. Ask questions to them to initiate discussions or debates or conversations on a particular topic. It is a great way to attract customers or viewers. Also, if the idea is to please the audience, you will get non-followers to join, and they will probably follow you forward.

Prioritize Posting Frequently

An inconsistent or irregular posting schedule destroys social media for brand awareness. When you are in-active on social media, then, for sure, your followers will not recognize you. On the contrary, your scarcity and absence of posts may also confirm that you forget your valued viewers. When you are unable to post regularly, take assistance from a social media marketing company. They will help you post useful stuff even at peak hours, also when the users are highly active.

Concluding Remarks

Creating a buzz for your brand may require some experimentation. However, a dedicated strategy is still the most concerning issue of today’s enterprises. The reason is to make the brand visible and trustworthy with customers and followers. Hence, it is essential to have a social media strategy to improve the customer base and grow sales at the same time.

Let us know how you liked this article. If there are any queries or suggestions, comment below. Thanks for reading!

Morris Edwards is a Manager at Awebstar, a digital marketing company in Singapore which is dealing with web design & development, SEO, mobile app development services, and more. Connect with him on Facebook, to get his new articles and updates instantly.

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