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8 Benefits of having a Mobile App for E-Commerce Businesses



8 Benefits of having a Mobile App for E-Commerce Businesses

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What do you think about having your own Brand Ambassador in the hands of your customers?

While this sounds amazing, having an exclusive mobile app for your business is the sure secret to the success of your ecommerce website.

Everyone needs everything to be done in superfast fashion and all the traditional marketing techniques fail to prove their stand here. What comes to your rescue is the customized and secure mobile app for your business development.

Ecommerce websites were on the rise in 2010, almost before a decade and 10 years down the line, any ecommerce website without a mobile app is out of the race now.

Here are few numbers to prove the significance of having a mobile app for your eCommerce website if you do not have one yet:

  • About 75% sales of eCommerce websites in 2021 are expected to happen through mobile phones.
  • More than half of the revenue of eCommerce stores is likely to come from 10% of its customers.
  • Mobile devices are used for online purchases by 35% of the customers in the United States.
  • The most interesting fact is that the number of users who choose to use a mobile app for shopping rather than an eCommerce website accounts for about 78%. Isn’t that a huge number?

The top 8 benefits of having a mobile app for eCommerce business are:

1. Better Brand Awareness

“Getting visible to your customer,” is the mantra for a winning business entity.

A recent research reports that “Customers stay on mobile apps for about 3 to 4 times longer than on eCommerce sites on mobile devices and desktops. Building a prominent mobile app for your eCommerce business takes your brand to their notice, every rising day.

Increased brand recognition contributes to retention of customers and these customers act as a word-of-mouth campaign for sharing your mobile app in their network including social media connections.

Choose an expert Mobile App Development Agency to build a bold, impressive and user engaging app to boost your Brand recognition. Remember, every time your eCommerce app is clicked, your ‘Brand is built.’

2. Understanding your customers better

Your mobile eCommerce app is an excellent passage to know your customers well. This helps in granting an amazing shopping experience based upon your customer’s taste, preferences including favorite brand, frequency of purchase, probable time of shopping etc.,

3. Enhanced customer engagement

Involving the customer in your eCommerce app becomes effective with integration of the features of the customer’s phone with your app. This enables easy navigation and active user participation.

For example, integrating Microphone with your app, can enable the customer to do voice search, while current location can be traced with GPS to save time while manually keying in the shipping details.

4. A happy customer is a loyal customer

Building a loyal customer base can help you achieve your business goals quicker than you think.

The simplest but effective way to strengthen the networking with your customers is to ensure that you grant them true value and enormous rewards for choosing your business. Studies suggest that about 50% of eCommerce mobile app users return to the store again in a month’s time.

These tips can help you keep your customers engaged and fortify their retention.

  • Your customer is the nucleus of your business’, let them know it. Personalized messages and product recommendations on par with their choice can help you with this.
  • Connect with your customers at regular intervals, especially through pleasant push notifications reminding about special offers and in-stock information etc.,
  • Delight your customers with redeemable reward points, user-friendly features and 24/7 support to address their needs and grant them assistance, especially with shopping cart assistance.

5. Increased rate of conversion

Visitor now, customer then’ is the motto of every business. Nothing better than a mobile app for your eCommerce site can help you increase your conversion rate.

Certain time-saving value addition like gentle reminders through push notification, easy checkout procedure, and facility to use your eWallet for availing discounts etc., contributes to your improved conversion rate.

6. The ultimate way to increase your revenue

Your eCommerce app is your lucrative sales window to augment your revenue like never before.

  • Stats witness that the average value of order through eCommerce apps is 130% higher when compared to desktop sites.
  • Customers who return to your business app are anticipated to buy more by 9 times.
  • Ecommerce app customers tend to spend double the time more than the shoppers from a desktop website.

7. Safe and comfortable shopping experience

Safety is the key when you deal with online payment windows. Customers would certainly feel secure on paying through an exclusive eCommerce app rather via the website on a desktop.

Shopping is the stress buster for thousands of people out there. Making it a relaxed experience is of prime importance and it is for this reason customers prefer apps over customary websites.

8. Decreased cart abandonment rates

The vital benefit of an eCommerce mobile app is its simple and quicker checkout process. The default storage of payment and shipping details allows customers to purchase in one-click.

This contributes to the decreased cart abandonment rates in mobile apps accounting to 20% and increased cart abandonment on mobile sites to 97%.

It’s time to stand out from the crowd. Success of the eCommerce website depends upon a ground-breaking mobile app, all for yours exclusively.

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