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Top 10 Android App Development Trends



Top 10 Android App Development Trends

Today, solely having a website is not enough to cater to the dynamic needs of the customers, and you need to present 24/7 to engage and offer services to your customers. Mobile application creation has been one of the most exemplary technology sectors by the brands.

When we talk about the development of mobile apps, android gets the whole reason, and the reason behind this is the large customer base. It is forecasted that in the year 2022, the android app development market will reach 808.7 million US dollars. This figure clearly signifies that app developers should be aware of the hottest android app development trends at the earliest, to deliver the best user experience.

Top Android Application Development Trends To Look For In 2022

The android apps continue to see vindictive variations initially dominated by user involvement and endless innovations induced by Google. As an entrepreneur, you need to epitomize these trends to become ahead of your rivals.

1. Machine Learning and AI

Projects that were unable to be implemented earlier are now made possible due to AI/ML. They text, automate, code, deploy through self-learning, and increase developers’ productivity four times. Marketers utilize AI-powered Machine Learning or Deep Learning approaches to study user behavior and improve product recommendations.

The AI/ML technologies are estimated to grow up to $126 billion shortly, including their mediums and other utilization. Utilizing AI and ML technologies in the android application development can be made more user-oriented and even intuitive.

2. Mobile Wallets

Android App Development Trends

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The e-mobile niche covers several self-standing wallets that allow users to spend currency on various things and regular banking tools accessible from smartphones. But, there are certain other substitutes and concepts to mobile payment, such as peer-to-peer payments that banks host.

You can perform mobile wallet apps in several forms like mobile wallet platforms with client apps, P2P media accessible from particular bank apps, and retailer apps. They all use eCommerce technologies and are also linked with a specific number of banks, and they are pretty high in demand today. As of 2021, up to 2.07 billion users prefer buying mobile wallets.

3. Blockchain Technology

This technology offers enhanced solutions of decentralized app development that eradicates any unauthorized access and focuses on transparency. It is forecasted that by the year 2026 blockchain market will reach $52.5 billion at the rate of 62.73% CAGR. Decentralized apps are open-source, innovative contract-based software applications that run transactions on the blockchain.

Marketers use blockchain apps in different industries such as data protection, currency trading, eCommerce, hence offering new levels of security, and data exchange tech standards. But the use of the blockchain-related app is restricted to certain aspects, and business owners cannot incorporate blockchain technology if they don’t have trading or payment options.

4. IoT App Development (IoT)

IoT is supported by software that includes secure networking links, gadgets, sensors, IoT apps, etc. The potential of IoT is used in many sectors, including healthcare, finance, agriculture, global production, trading, transport, individual household, innovative city management, etc. It is forecasted that the potential of IoT will grow tremendously soon, and its market share will rise to $1.4 trillion by 2030.

An excellent example of its usage is the automated manufacturer robot’s production execution and delivery of the task while spontaneously updating apps run online shops to provide products to the end customer.

5. 5G Technology

Top 10 Android App Development Trends

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The 5th generation wireless network technology is forecasted to connect 1.5 billion devices worldwide in the coming years and become the leader standard of data transmission.

The technology is based on an electromagnetic spectrum instead of radio waves. It is forecasted that the 5G industry will affect the mobile app industry the most. If you select the right android app development services to integrate 5G technology into your android app, you can get multiple benefits. As a business owner, you can save on your internal hardware storage, utilize the cloud algorithms, and make the device connectivity higher to save and process data.

6. M-commerce

M-commerce apps will flourish soon because they are smaller, faster, and more manageable than web applications and websites. Additionally, they are more secure due to the advanced safety offered by the Android operating system; therefore, they are the priority for mCommerce transactions.

According to Statista research, mobile apps are expected to offer more than 935 billion US dollars. So what are the perks of utilizing m-commerce for selling goods? There are numerous high-speed, convenient, personalized content, rewards for using the app, and so forth.

7. Beacons Technology

Beacons are the transmitting gadgets that are connected with smartphones in that specific range. Beacon uses Bluetooth Lower Energy (BLE) to convey the unique ID while leveraging the potential navigation and fully functional GPS. The significant con of using beacon technology on the android device is that it helps gain substantial leads and sales and is cost-effective.

Push marketing strategy to an opt-in procedure of beacon tech transformation is beneficial for many businesses. The businesses can use IoT technology at-area and on-cloud, assisting it in gaining friction and promoting its growth shortly.

8. Instant Apps

These apps use almost no mobile resources or device storage capacity as it functions directly from the internet. Therefore users do not have to install it on the device to utilize its features and to use it. Sometimes, the app does not work correctly on your mobile; in such cases, instant android apps are the best option.

Here you can first check and use it without installing it, and later, if you find it helpful, you can download the complete app. Businesses can convert their existing android app into instant apps. They are flexible, user-oriented, and convenient, just like native apps. They provide an enhanced user experience with animations and a personalized interface.

9. Chatbot Development

Android App Development

Image by Satheesh Sankaran from Pixabay

To achieve customer credibility and offer a positive experience, companies have started utilizing AI/ML-powered chatbots that provide 24/7 customer service in-app. This technology can provide solutions to regular queries of the user while challenging questions can be answered by human representatives.

The new trend in android app development is voice-enabled chatbots that function on the concept of Speech-To-Text and Text-To-Speech-Services. Business owners can use it to gain competitive advantages.

10. Wearable App Integration

These kinds of apps run on mobile phones, which the individual wears as accessories or regular clothes. Wearable technology came into practice in 2009. It is estimated that unit shipments of wearable devices may reach over 397 million units by 2024. Wearable hardware devices are smartwatches, fitness tracking bands, smart glasses, bright jewelry, etc. The most significant functions performed by wearable devices are:

Collection of data related to the user’s health such as blood pressure, steps, calories burned, heart rate, exercising time, and so forth.

Entertainment – creating and displaying social media content and access to reality games. Fashion problems such as the creation of intelligent accessories and dresses that can be interactive and fits appropriately.

Summing It Up!!

With every passing year, we saw many trends and innovations coming our way. After looking at the android app development trends, we can undoubtedly say the Android operating system will reach a new level of heights in the upcoming years.

If you envision growing your business with an android app, then you cannot ignore these trends. To implement them successfully in your mobile app, you should select the right tech partner. Thoroughly analyze their portfolio and discuss your requirements with them to get the best results and desired services.

Brian Comel is a senior android app developer at the renowned company Sparx IT Solutions. He possesses years of experience in developing a market-ready mobile app embedded with the latest trends. He loves to write technical articles and blogs to inform businesses about the latest features and trends.

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