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How Top Brands Use Mobile Apps to Increase Sales? Examples, Ideas, and Much More



How Top Brands Use Mobile Apps to Increase Sales

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In today’s digitalized economy, a mobile app is a powerful marketing tool that helps boost sales and revenue.

From ordering food and grocery to booking cabs and hotels, we all rely on mobile apps to perform different tasks seamlessly. A study by Oracle revealed that around 67% of Fortune 500 companies connect with customers via mobile apps.

Top brands like Airbnb and Starbucks have already leveraged mobile apps to promote their brand, increase sales, and get to know their customers like never before.

Developing a mobile app for your company paves the way for a stronger growth curve. Various companies have already witnessed a significant increase in their revenue and sales after developing a mobile app.

In this article, we have listed a few strategies that top brands use to drive up sales. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Examples of brands and how they leveraged mobile apps to increase sales

Big brands like Walmart and Sephora have created mobile apps to deliver exceptional customer service, streamline business processes, boost engagement, and open new revenue channels. In this section, we will learn about the features and functionalities these top brands have integrated into their mobile apps to boost sales and generate more ROI.


Walmart started its journey in the United States as a single discount store with the objective of selling more at less price. With over 10,600 stores worldwide, the company’s global net sales amounted to $605.88 billion on 31st January 2023.

Walmart began its m-commerce app with the objective of driving sales and enhancing customer experience. The app features curbside pickup, online ordering, and in-store shopping. Walmart’s app was made with a lot of strategies to save customers time and effort.

The app has an easy-to-use interface and in-app cards on the home screen to know the exclusive deals and offers. In 2021, Walmart topped the ranking of shopping apps, with an average of 120 million users accessing the app each month. The app has been instrumental in increasing customer engagement and sales.

Wanda Young, vice president of media and digital marketing at Walmart, recently said, ‘’Those who have our app are making twice as many trips to Walmart, and their spend is 40 percent more.’’

The main strategy of Walmart is Walmart is to get the right product delivered to the right consumer at the right time.


Sephora’s mobile app has also helped the company to increase sales and customer engagement. The app features a virtual try-on feature, personalized product recommendations, and in-store payment options.

According to Statista, when it comes to beauty and health online shop users, brand awareness of Sephora is at 74% in the US. In total, 28% of US beauty and health online shop users say they like Sephora.

Sephora reported that customers who use the app are likely to spend more as compared to those who do not use it. The app has also helped the company to build relationships with customers.


Today, McDonald’s has become a billion-dollar industry and the most valued quick service brand around the globe. It is the leader in fast food chains, especially burgers. As of April 2022, McDonald’s had 43.8% of the total market share.

In order to maintain its position in the fast food industry, McDonald’s launched its mobile application called McDelivery in 2014 and 2015 in India and the US, respectively, to enhance customer experience and brand loyalty. The app allowed customers to order online from the comfort of their homes.

The app offers a lot of exciting features and functionalities, such as finding a McDonald’s branch nearby, checking out menus and deals, and earning rewards and loyalty programs.

Since the launch of the app, McDonald’s has been gaining huge popularity, especially for the reward/loyalty program part. In 2022, McDonald’s reported that there are 50 million active McDonald’s reward users around the globe. The loyalty program has helped McDonald’s expand to over 50 markets.

In the US alone, the app was downloaded by more than 40 million people in 2022. It’s pretty clear that McDonald’s app has played a great role in enhancing the sales of the company.

Key benefits of using a mobile app for businesses

Now that we have seen how the top brands use mobile apps to increase sales and enhance customer satisfaction, let’s look at the niche-level benefits of using a mobile app for your business.

  • Increased revenue
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Cost savings
  • Competitive edge
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved customer communication

In case you are looking for mobile app development services, it is recommended to contact the best custom software development companies. The experts will guide you through the entire process and help in your app development journey.


Well, we hope this article was useful in understanding how mobile apps can be used to drive sales, provide customer services, and boost your business growth. We have also seen how mobile apps have benefitted large brands like McDonald’s and Walmart.

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