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6 Digital Marketplace Trends that Will Power the Industry in 2022 and Beyond



6 Digital Marketplace Trends That Will Power the Industry in 2022 and Beyond

Post-covid one thing that is truly making sense is the rapid growth of the ecommerce store and the trends of the digital marketplace. With nationwide lockdown and business going downside, the online marketplace is booming. Hence, the online shopping is a great idea in this situation and now it is a booming platform with so many users are doing online shopping and get the maximum benefit and good return. It also helps the business houses to expand their customer range.

1. How to rise the vertical online marketplaces

It is a digital forum which calls the buyers and the sellers together and then negotiate to buy the items. These platforms are unstructured and hence there are some ecommerce tools that will help the parties to set the accounts, they can customize the orders and even monitor the spending level. These vertical stores will become big driver with B2B ecommerce.

2. Importance of mobile applications

Due to this pandemic many companies started their business online. Smartphone and its app are becoming accessible to everyone. Therefore, the companies are creating shopping apps to maximize their business reach. Hence, the demand of the mobile app developer of the Mobile app development company is also increasing. The developers are creating user friendly apps to give the customers the best visibility and accessibility of the shopping experience. Mobile users are spending most of their time in apps and this is a great advantage for business organization to come up with personalised app to give access to the customers to shop and enjoy.

3. Not likely to return in physical store

The pre-pandemic situation is different. That time people used to rely on physical store with limited customers. Though during lockdown, the business was down with no such earning. But, thanks to the evolution of technology. Going online, working online from the comfort of home is a new normal. Businessmen slowly grab this new tradition and now they have increased number of viewers, customers of the products. They hire ReactJS specialist to design website, and upload and products for the customers to view and make a purchase from the same. Hence, going back to physical store, giving rent of the shop saves the money due to online ecommerce business. Also, it increases the business profit.

4. Ecommerce B2B sector expansion

When there is a talk of ecommerce, we definitely talk about the B2B market. The B2B market is large and big and it is growing tremendously fast. The trend of B2B market is going to rise because it has seen many things which one cannot ever imagine. The post-pandemic situation makes this thing very easy and reliable. It will always give a better result and you should follow the same to make a remarkable position in the business world.

5. Artificial Intelligence has great power

Ecommerce customers need speed in the app service. If they face any issue while placing order or have some basic queries while checking the website, they can go to chat box to chat and address the issue. In this box, AI plays an important role where they address to the queries of the customers. This instant service impresses the customers and they more likely to make purchase from the brand. Therefore, it is a big achievement for the ecommerce website. But still customers prefer to talk with person and make the interaction fruitful before they invest money to buy anything. It ensures the business that they trust your service and looking forward for the same.

6. Live and social shopping

Many millions of people are in social media and social media marketplace is a huge market where different sellers and buyers come together and they exchange products and money as per their satisfaction. It is the biggest marketplace that you can ever imagine. The power of social media is tremendous and sellers are coming live to sell their products on the live event with instant booking and payment system. It makes the shoppers trustworthy about the sellers and they are ready to pay the money to get the product deliver to their home without any hassle.


These are six areas where the digital marketplace is getting the best result and it makes the work fruitful in a better way. So, heading towards the 2022 brings a new change in the digital marketplace. If you are a seller, be want to survive with your business then you have to follow these above six trends in the digital marketplace. It can change your game and you can keep the track of the developments that you can usually make to become competitive and useful. So, there is nothing to worry and you can surely get the best result in the digital marketplace.

Prashant Pujara is the founder and CEO of MultiQoS Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a mobile app development company in Ahmedabad where you can find hire dedicated mobile app developers for your business. He is in charge of the company's commercial and delivery operations and strategic planning and strategy.

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