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Serhiy Tokarev About New Investments in Promising Startups



Serhiy Tokarev Roosh

Serhiy Tokarev, an IT investor and one of the co-founders of the Ukrainian venture fund Roosh Ventures, announced an investment in, an Israeli startup specializing in optimizing authentication processes in mobile applications. The project solves a problem that many companies face, allowing them to save time and resources. According to Tokarev, this investment will help accelerate the development and further development of the startup. As part of its Series A round, raised $8 million in investment, which will allow it to expand its activities and improve the efficiency of its services.

Founded by former Facebook, Microsoft, and Rookout engineers, is on its way to success. Today, its solutions are actively used by more than 20 large companies, including such world leaders as Tesla, Accenture, Cisco, and Schneider Electric. In addition, American funds Scale Venture Partners, NFX, Verissimo Ventures, Firestreak, and 92712 have invested in the company. These investments will allow to increase its presence in the market and meet customer needs, including expanding its business in the United States.

Serhiy Tokarev

According to Serhiy Tokarev, in today’s world, artificial intelligence plays an increasingly important role in business, but managing access to data for AI agents and bots remains a challenge. The team has developed Approval Flows, an innovative solution for developers that simplifies the authorization process in applications. It is an intuitive platform that allows you to securely delegate access to files and applications. For example, a new employee can be automatically assigned as a project leader, receiving all the necessary access rights, without manually assigning each file. Approval Flows is now available for early access testing and promises to make life much easier for developers around the world.

Or Weiss, co-founder and CEO of, emphasizes that their no-code solution eliminates the need for additional staff and computing resources to set up authorizations across different applications. The investment will help the company quickly scale and meet demand, including plans to expand its presence in the US market.

Approval Flows, according to Serhiy Tokarev, is becoming a real breakthrough in the field of access control, providing specialists with the opportunity to dive deeply into the development of key application functions. This innovative solution not only optimizes the automation process but also significantly reduces time and financial costs, making it an integral part of many companies.

Ivan Taranenko, partner at Roosh Ventures, emphasizes that Permit is revolutionizing the way access is managed by redefining traditional workflows. The platform automates routine work, freeing engineers from administrative tasks and allowing them to focus on improving the product. This significantly increases the efficiency of the development team and contributes to faster and better software development.

Serhiy Tokarev

Serhiy Tokarev and Roosh Ventures continue to strengthen their position in the venture capital world by actively funding startups at various stages of their development. The fund not only covers a variety of industries, including enterprise SaaS solutions, financial technology, gaming, and artificial intelligence products but is also expanding its presence in the international market. Through close collaborations with leading investment funds, Roosh Ventures has access to high-quality projects around the world.

During its activity, the fund managed to invest in a number of promising startups, including such well-known names as Deel, TheGuarantors, Oura, Pipe, Alma, Playco, Dapper Labs, Arkis, and many others. These investments demonstrate not only the Roosh Ventures team’s expertise in selecting promising projects but also their commitment to developing innovative and emerging technologies in both the European Union and the United States.

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