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Unveiling the latest PPC trends for eCommerce brands in 2024



PPC trends dominating eCommerce industry

Summary: PPC ads are a game changer in the world of advertising with their immense personalization and automation capabilities. Know the latest eCommerce PPC trends for 2024 that will prove to be a game changer! Learn how using advanced bidding strategies, landing page optimization techniques, and Amazon for sponsored ads will help you enhance brand visibility and turn potential buyers into loyal customers. This blog covers 5 major trends that are constantly bringing remarkable change in the PPC advertising domain. Know how implementing these in your eCommerce business will certainly help in more conversions.

Top eCommerce PPC trends for 2024

Pay-per-click (PPC) is an economical advertising method for eCommerce brands to get immediate results with a measurable ROI. It allows ad placement on search engines or on social media platforms and you pay only when someone clicks on the ad. Moreover, as an eCommerce brand, you also enjoy the privilege of:

  • Controlling your ad’s position on a website. You can experiment, evaluate, and strategize better about where you should place the ad for more conversions.
  • Advertising product listings to directly showcase your product with brand name, image, and price. A relevant product ad with visual representation entices buyers to click on it and know what’s in store for them.
  • Re-engaging potential buyers who previously visited your website but did not place the final order. This reminds them to return to your website and encourages them to complete the buying process.

With such remarkable advantages, PPC certainly becomes a great advertising tool which targets ready-to-buy audiences, gives trackable results, and increases brand visibility.

Advancements in PPC: What to expect in 2024

We all know that the advertising landscape has undergone a lot of upgrades in the past few years, and PPC is no different! As PPC ads perfectly complement the eCommerce industry model, it is important for key leaders, small businesses, or budding companies to be aware of the upcoming advancements.

Let’s dive deeper and understand what eCommerce brands should expect from PPC in 2024, and the major trends that you should be ready to embrace.

Trend 1: AI and Automation will continue to impact the PPC arena

While automation makes an apparatus, system, or process work on its own, AI adds a touch of human intelligence and makes such systems smart. For example, to retarget frequently visiting buyers, AI tools analyze their buying preferences and interests and dynamically adjust product promotions, prices, and other information.

Bidding, ad copy A/B testing, keyword selection, and copy optimization, all such aspects of PPC ads can be easily automated with advanced technological tools. You can either opt for:

  • Google’s features like smart bidding, automated ad extensions, attribution and conversion tracking models,
  • Facebook’s in-built features for dynamic ads, automatic placement, and Ad scheduling,
  • or go for external tools.

eCommerce brands must leverage the power of automation this year to create more personalized and revenue-generating ads.

Trend 2: There will be huge focus on landing page optimization to match the ad intent

A major development that advertisers must gear up for is focusing on delivering a smooth user experience right from clicking the ad to post-click interaction. The content on your landing page must be consistent and relevant to what is being shown in the ad. For example: If your ad talks about a mobile phone, the landing page should directly take the buyer to the preview page of that phone, and not where the whole collection of electronic supplies is displayed!

For 2024, businesses must strengthen their PPC strategies by investing in to-the-point landing pages. The page must only contain easy-to-consume concise information and must have images or videos to enhance engagement. Make sure that your page is mobile-friendly, has fast loading speed, and has a clear call-to-action.

Trend 3: Leveraging Amazon for advertising

Amazon has been providing a wide variety of sponsored solutions for PPC ads, giving eCommerce brands enough reasons to choose it alongside Google and Facebook. As we all know that buyers are more likely to rely on Amazon than other vendors, the trend of advertising on PPC will rise in 2024. Amazon provides services like:

  • Sponsored product placement: You can see sponsored products in the search results and product detail pages. It is designed for promoting individual product listings.
  • Sponsored brands: Here you can display a set of products or your brand in a banner-ad like format. It is majorly beneficial for brand visibility.

Similarly, you can use Amazon’s sponsored display ads, Demand-Side Platform (DSP), Amazon video advertising, attribution features, and Amazon Live for influencer marketing that will enhance your overall advertising game.

Trend 4: Looking beyond one platform and choosing the omnichannel advertising approach will become more common

A noticeable eCommerce PPC trend for 2024 is that marketers are now expanding their networks and placing their ads on multiple websites. This helps in creating a cohesive and seamless environment for the buyers. As buyers switch between Google, Facebook, Twitter, or news platforms within minutes as per their convenience, targeting all such platforms ensures a comprehensive reach and chances of high conversion.

While opting for an omnichannel advertising approach, make sure that your ad message is consistent, your campaigns are optimized for previewing on different devices, and you have a well-integrated system to analyze the traction coming from different sources.

Trend 5: Developing a strong re-marketing strategy will do wonders

Re-engaging or remarketing is one of the biggest strengths of PPC and advertisers will continue to use its potential to the fullest in 2024. As remarketing involves targeting buyers who have previously showcased interest in your product but did not purchase it, these ads with additional offers or discounts can come in handy to make them reconsider their decision.

It is quite possible that buyers might not click on your ad at the first go. But you need to strengthen your remarketing strategy to attract those leads and evoke their interest and urge to buy your product. For a strong PPC remarketing strategy in 2024, use advanced bidding strategies, video remarketing, segment your audience, and cap the ad frequency to make sure that you don’t overdo it.

Availing professional assistance for PPC campaigns

If actively implementing any of these PPC trends seems complicated or time-consuming to you, you can opt for professional ecommerce PPC services. The experts there will continuously test, analyze, and improve your PPC campaigns to ensure consistency and alignment with latest innovations. As these trends will continue to evolve each year, having an ecommerce PPC management company by your side will help you keep your advertising strategies on track and your brand visibility growing.

Sophie Hayes is an eCommerce consultant and a keen blogger, currently working at Team4eCom (a reliable eCommerce marketplace management service provider). With over 11 years of experience in the industry, she specializes in topics revolving around the eCommerce domain, such as online marketing, eCommerce PPC, store optimization, listing optimization, and eCommerce product listing.

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