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How to Run Your Business on Instagram



How to Run Your Business on Instagram

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Today, many people believe that it is very easy to grow your own business on social media. But when it comes to real action, most don’t know where to start building their brand.

Everyone knows that you can use advertising and manually get Instagram followers, but no one knows about other necessary steps. Today we’ll talk about how to develop a business on Instagram in the early stages.

Audience analysis

Before you get started, no matter what it is: developing a landing page, implementing a single tool, or full-fledged marketing consulting, you need to answer the question of who your target audience is.

There are different methods, methods and techniques for determining the target audience. As a rule, they differ in the number and focus of questions needed to create an overall picture.

For example:

  • analysis of subscribers of accounts with similar topics;
  • analysis of your own content (who is interested in it);
  • analysis by parsing.

As mentioned above, everyone knows that it is easy to get real Instagram followers using special services and forget about the lack of an audience. But we recommend doing this a little later, when you already know exactly what kind of people you need and who will really stay with you for a long time.

Business packaging

Keep in mind that the brighter and richer the brand packaging, the more attention you can capture.

The main elements in brand packaging:

  1. Naming. The name should be simple and memorable.
  2. Logo (or portrait). Visually associated with you.
  3. Positioning. Think about how to present yourself to the client.
  4. Own style. Color scheme, presets, manner of communication.
  5. USP. Make your product more interesting than your competitors.

The more brand elements you work out, the better you will be able to distinguish yourself from competitors and not get lost among the crowd.

Interaction with the audience

If you have attracted live users and interested them in your product, this is only part of the story. Now you need to communicate with the audience. And your task is to increase the reach (the number of likes, views and comments). You can increase activity in many ways:

  1. Daily posts. For a business profile, 2-3 posts a day about yourself, employees, products are enough;
  2. Dialog. Ask the opinion of users about any event, about your company or product;
  3. Stories. Show the workflow or innovations, conduct a survey, wish a good day to subscribers, etc.;
  4. Live. Show subscribers what your office looks like, how a service is provided, how a product is made, etc.
  5. Direct. Don’t ignore messages, be polite and try to respond quickly. A chatbot on Instagram will help automate answers to standard questions.

Effectiveness analysis

If you want your business to grow, develop and make a profit, then you need to take care of all the important indicators. They will show whether your activities are effective or need to be changed. Start counting it from the very start and track the dynamics of changes. This will help you to identify the weakest point and gradually improve it.

But not always the number of subscribers decides. For example, you have an audience of 10,000 people, of which only 1,000 people bought the product. The conversion into a purchase will be only 10%. And it happens that there are only 5,000 subscribers, but 2,000 people bought the product. Then the conversion will be 40%.


You have already understood that running a business on social media is no less time-consuming than a traditional type of business. A good income can be obtained only if your account is in demand, and for this you need to work hard.

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