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A Complete Guide on Choosing Commercial Gym Flooring



best commercial gym flooring

Are you planning to invest in a commercial gymnasium? Most people focus on equipment, visual appearance and space while they forget to pay heed to gym flooring.

Although neglected by many, flooring is equally important to consider and there are plenty of options in terms of grade, quality and types. No matter what the budget is, one must remember commercial gym flooring needs to be hard-wearing and visually attractive, so you must act accordingly.

Lastly, you should remember that the gym flooring will be used for keeping heavy equipment and you should be careful about the heavy foot traffic as well. Because of so many considerations lot of buyers get confused while investing in gym flooring, so this article will give you a complete idea on the same.

Rubber Rolls

When it comes to the most popular flooring alternatives, rubber rolls come first in the queue. Rubber rolls tend to be durable and a budget-friendly option at the same time, and it can be seen across many commercial gymnasia which makes it a bit popular.

Rubber rolls are available in a wide variety of colours and textures and you can get the desired thickness as well. If you want to save the installation cost, nothing can be better than rubber rolls for commercial gym flooring.

People can find hundreds of brands in rubber rolls and these products have been made for the repetitious and rigorous athletic workout, which means it will be a win-win deal.

Heavy Duty Rubber Mats

When it comes to commercial gym flooring, heavy-duty rubber mats come second in our list. Rubber mats are a preferred choice for placing underweight-benches or in Olympic lifting platforms.

The best thing about these heavy-duty rubber mats is their flexibility. You don’t have to add adhesive to assemble the mats and anyone can do it. The nonporous surface comes with non-slippery diamond top texture and some brands even offer warranty on their products.

Heavy-duty rubber mats are capable of bearing the weight of heavy machines and foot traffic, which makes it a preferred choice for commercial gym flooring.

Artificial Grass

You may have noticed artificial grass in some places, and it can be a great choice for commercial gym flooring as well. Artificial grass looks good and it can help to enhance the visual appeal of the interior. Synthetic grass turf can be used for both indoor and outdoor and you can find many brands at the store.

commercial gym flooring

As mentioned before, easy maintenance is always a priority for the buyers and if you invest in artificial grass, you can save the time of maintenance as it is completely maintenance-free.

Generally, artificial grass is made of polyethene and nylon, and if you are about to invest in commercial gym flooring, this will be a great option for you.

Foam Mats

Foam mats can be a good alternative for commercial gym flooring and it is portable too, which means you can even use it elsewhere if you need it. Foam mats are easy to install and it is cheaper than rubber mats or rolls in general.

Foam mats can cost around $1to $4 per square feet and you can take a look on the available options in the same. Although, it is cheap but it is not as durable as rubber mats, so buyers need to decide after considering all factors.

In recent years, shock-absorbing rubber tiles have also become very popular, and buyers should also take a look on the same. The options for commercial gym flooring have been provided by professional experts and undoubtedly, it will help the readers to choose the best commercial gym flooring as per requirement. Lastly, one should prioritize both price and durability while investing in the same so that it turns out to be worth the investment in the long run.

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