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Your Ultimate Guide to Buying Inverter with a Lithium-Ion Battery



Your Ultimate Guide to Buying Inverter with a Lithium-Ion Battery

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Are you facing regular power cuts in your area in this severe weather? Is your work from home schedule getting hampered because of no electricity? If your answer is yes to all our questions, then it’s about time you should invest in an inverter to get the relief from this scorching summer heat and finish your work on time!

However, buying the right inverter is not as easy as it sounds, as multiple options are available, and you might get confused. There are different battery types, capacities, and a wide range to choose from. Additionally, there are other factors that one considers while deciding, including battery warranty, power backup and efficiency.

What if you get all the factors you want in one single product?

Lithium-ion is generally used in the solar market and automobiles, but an inverter with a lithium-ion battery is highly efficient and can support heavy-duty appliances. Let’s know why you should invest in an inverter with a lithium-ion battery.

Advantages of Investing in an Inverter with a Lithium-ion Battery

The lithium-ion battery is trending in the market because of its numerous advantages. The cost-effective battery contains a lithium anode. There are 3 different types of lithium batteries; lithium-ion is mostly preferred because of its high energy holding capacity with additional stability. Some of the key benefits of investing in an inverter with a lithium-ion battery –

1. Offers High Power Density

While getting an inverter, the main requirement everyone looks for is its ability to support high power density to run for a longer duration once charged. A lithium-ion battery fits the requirement in all aspects.

2. Easy to Manage

There are no extra efforts required to manage the lithium-ion batteries. They are sustainable and do not require complicated maintenance procedures such as nickel-cadmium cells, or nickel-metal hydride batteries.

3. Increased Battery Lifespan

The lithium-ion batteries, such as the one offered by Luminous, offer a 3X longer life span compared to standard lead-acid batteries making them more cost-efficient and a go-to choice in Indian households. The lithium-ion battery can last more than 1000 charge cycles than other inverter batteries.

4. Lower Discharge

When a lithium-ion battery is not in use, the chemicals inside lower their reaction, saving energy, whereas other batteries, such as nickel-based batteries, lose around 15% of their charge in the first 24 hours. Hence, investing in an inverter with a lithium-ion battery will be a suitable option if you plan to get one for your house too.

5. Environmentally Safe Batteries

The lithium-ion batteries contain lower toxic heavy metal levels, unlike other batteries. Other batteries such as cadmium, mercury, and lead are harmful to every living being, and long exposure to these metals can be dangerous to health. The lithium-ion batteries are recyclable and do not expose any toxic radiation as far as in use.

6. Fast Charging

Unlike lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries can be charged faster as there is no requirement for power absorption. With an outlet that provides enough amps, the lithium batteries will generally take around 30-minutes to fully charge. Even if you don’t fully charge the battery, there will be zero damage.

With frequent power cuts, inverters are now a necessity in every household. Maximum people are now investing in quality inverters, though there’s been a subsequent increase in people wanting to invest in an environment-friendly inverter and this is where an inverter with a lithium-ion battery enters.

There are endless choices when it comes to inverters. Inverter with a lithium-ion batteries are cost-effective and a smart option if you are planning to get your hands on a sustainable inverter that will last for a long time without damaging the health of the people around you. Also, who doesn’t want to have an inverter that requires less effort and better output!

Here is one inverter that can make your life easy – Li-ON 1250

This next-gen inverter and lithium inverter battery combo comes packed with advanced features to make it your go-to-choice. The features include fast charging, 3x battery life, zero-maintenance, and unmatchable performance. On top of that, the inverter includes a built-in compartment to allow you to store your lithium-battery.

This next-gen inverter is built not just to fulfil your power requirements but to make your days as comfortable as possible.

So, why wait? Welcome this next-gen inverter battery to your home without any further ado.

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