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Tips For Upgrading An Engagement Ring



Tips For Upgrading An Engagement Ring

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If you want to surprise your partner with a better-looking engagement ring, you can upgrade it to a double halo, a larger diamond, or a stone of heirloom quality. If you are unsure of how to upgrade, read on for some suggestions from us to make the process easy. The next step is to talk to a jewelry expert. He or she will be able to advise you on the best options for your budget and ring style. Read this article which suggests a few tips for upgrading an engagement ring you can always be proud of.

Upgrade your engagement ring to a double halo

While choosing an engagement ring, it is always nice to make the decision together. If the original ring you gave to your partner was meaningful to you both, you may wish to upgrade it to something that is more modern and symbolic. Whether you are planning a grand vow renewal ceremony or a simple day in the year, there is a reason to upgrade the ring. Here are some of the most popular upgrade types.

A second halo makes your center stone appear bigger and more brilliant. If you are in the market for a double halo engagement ring, it’s a good idea to upgrade to one that has a halo setting. Diamonds that are cut in this way are less expensive than those cut naturally. But since you’ll be adding a halo, you might want to consider a gold or platinum band to make it more appealing and elegant.

Upgrade your ring to a larger diamond

If you want your engagement ring to look bigger, you can choose to upgrade the diamond. However, upgrading the diamond is not as easy as popping out the old stone. The new stone may not match the existing ring or the side stones, causing an unattractive look. If you are unsure whether upgrading your ring is the right move, consider getting a second opinion. In addition to weighing more, a larger stone can also make the ring heavier and cause problems in movement.

The original engagement ring may still hold sentimental value for you and your partner, but the time has come for an upgrade. Your style may have changed and the current ring no longer matches your lifestyle. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to change the look, and your current ring no longer fits your lifestyle. In any case, make sure to explain the upgrade and the reasons behind it to your partner. Make sure to explain why you’re making the upgrade and let her know how much you love her ring.

Upgrade your ring to a gemstone

If you’ve been married for five years or more, you’ve probably thought about upgrading your engagement ring to a gemstone. While this is a personal decision, you should discuss the upgrade with your fiancé.

Some couples choose to upgrade their ring for a grand vow renewal ceremony, while others choose an ordinary day in the year. Whatever the case, it’s important to make the ring a reflection of your unique relationship.

Listed below are a few of the most common upgrades:

  • While the original engagement ring was purchased with love, you might still feel sentimental towards it. However, since your partner’s tastes and lifestyle may have changed over the years, it’s time to upgrade your ring.
  • Your style might have evolved since then, or you just didn’t like the original ring anymore. If this is the case, be sure to let your partner know why you’ve decided to upgrade and show her that you’re proud of your new ring.

Upgrade your ring to a heirloom-quality stone

If you’re planning to propose to your future wife or husband-to-be, you may want to consider upgrading your engagement ring to an heirloom quality stone. Heirloom-quality jewelry is often made with gems and family heirlooms. Some of these pieces may be antique and have become damaged or unattractive. However, upgrading the gemstone in your engagement ring is an excellent option for personalization and customisation. It can also help you carry on a family tradition.

The first step to upgrading your engagement ring to an heirloom quality stone is to check the existing settings of the diamond in your ring. Make sure that the new stone compliments the existing settings, side stones, and metal. You also want to avoid adding a larger stone than is necessary, as it will throw the ring’s physical balance off, obstruct movement, and add unwanted weight.

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