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10 Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring



10 Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring

Photo by The glorious studio from Pexels

When it is finally the time to start an exciting chapter in life with your loved one, hold on for a second and remember Beyonce’s words; if you liked it, you should have put a ring on it. In fact, having 870 million views for that song says a lot about how essential rings are to women worldwide.

A circle symbolizes eternity and completion, making the engagement ring a charming way to express faithfulness and a lifelong love for your other half. Therefore, being extra enthusiastic is understandable.

An engagement ring is an investment meant to be cherished forever, so it is better to be careful and not let that enthusiasm keep you from picking the perfect one. Here are the top ten tips to help you buy the eternity engagement ring.

1. Consider Your Partner’s Style

There are endless engagement ring designs to choose from. So, knowing your partner’s style will help narrow down the choices. Your partner will put on this ring every day, so it is important to know what type she prefers; asking her is the best way to find out.

If you intend to make a surprise proposal, you must walk the extra mile and pay attention to what jewellery style she often wears, what kind of stones, and what colour of metal she likes. She may have already shared a picture of the engagement ring she dreams of having; if not, try asking her family or friends to get some ideas.

2. Know Her Ring Size

If you aren’t sure about your lover’s ring size and don’t want to ruin the surprise, there are a few tricks to get the right size perfectly.

Ask her friends

It is one of the best ways to find out your partner’s ring size; even if her friends don’t know the exact size, they can still help by taking her shopping and getting her finger sized somehow. You may also get an idea about her preference as a bonus!

Leave a trace

You can take one of her rings and place it on paper, then start drawing a circle both on the inside and the outside of the ring. Make sure to draw the circle several times to ensure the traces are shapely to indicate the correct size.

3. Set a Budget

Unless you’re marrying Shania Twain and her love for diamond rings and lots of money and things, setting a budget is a good idea to help the jeweller offer a ring selection within your expectations.

It also avoids falling in love with an expensive ring you can’t purchase. After all, you don’t want to buy an engagement ring to be mired in debt, so make sure to buy a ring you can afford.

4. Choose The Shape of The Ring

Different shapes of rings mean different prices, lifespan, and appearance. Thus, it is important to research and determine what shape will work the best for your partner.

Ensure to choose something that matches her preference and personality but be careful not to make a decision based on what is trending since engagement rings are meant to be timeless.

5. Choose The Metal Type

The engagement ring’s overall look is affected to a considerable extent by the metal type. Four main metal types can be used to make jewellery; each has its own beauty. Platinum and white gold, with their elegant modern look, are preferred by many women.

Rose gold has a great appearance that gives a warm feeling of love. However, the authentic yellow gold colour will never become outdated due to its rarity and brightness.

6. Choose Lab-grown or Natural Diamond

Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring

Photo by The glorious studio from Pexels

Lab-grown vs. real diamond, which do you think excels?

Although no one can tell the difference between lab-grown and natural diamonds with bare eyes, there is a huge price gap and overall demand for both. Lab-grown diamonds can be found at half the price of natural ones because the natural diamond supply is limited and takes billions of years to be formed.

Moreover, lab-grown diamonds are cheaper and more environmentally conscious, but it loses a significant amount of their resale value, while natural diamonds retain about 50% of their value.

7. Consider the Four C’s of the Diamond

When buying a diamond engagement ring, consider the four C’s:


It refers to the quality of cut, not the diamond size or shape; it determines the diamond’s ability to reflect the light and is graded from excellent to poor; these grades don’t affect the price too much. Therefore make sure to get an excellent or very good cut diamond.


Diamond colours are measured by the D-Z scale, where D means a colourless diamond which is the most expensive.


Refers to the diamond inclusions; the key point is to find the balance between clarity and colour where there are no visible inclusions.


It measures the actual weight of the diamond; a larger carat means a more expensive diamond.

8. Don’t Go Shopping Alone

Buying an engagement ring is rather personal, but having a second opinion is always a great choice. It is a good idea to call a friend who knows both you and your lover so they can help or maybe give some advice about what she may prefer.

9. Diamond Certificate Is a Must

Never forget to ask for the diamond certificate, a document containing all the diamond’s vital statistics, including its colour, weight, cut, proportions, and clarity. If you can’t fully interpret what is written on the certificate, don’t hesitate to ask for help.

10. Consider Purchasing an Insurance For the Ring

The engagement ring is one of the favourites and most exquisite things you may ever purchase; in addition to being an expensive investment, it is also worth a lot emotionally. Therefore, it is important to consider purchasing insurance that can offer financial protection and peace of mind.


Engagement rings are a symbol of commitment that needs to be chosen carefully. Unfortunately, it’s not 1598, and buying an engagement ring might take some time and effort as there are many available options. Take your time checking them before making a final decision.

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