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Ethical Fashion: Making Informed Choices for a Better World



Ethical Fashion-Making Informed Choices for a Better World

With extreme weather, uncontrollable wildfires, and decreasing air quality, it is becoming hard to deny the worldwide visible effects of climate change. Seeing how the environment is reacting to the harmful actions of humans, you might be wondering what you can do to preserve the planet’s health.

While the majority of the responsibility falls upon corporations and governments, small actions on an individual level can still make a difference. Choosing to wear sustainable fashion is one such approach, which could reduce your carbon footprint and inspire others to do the same in the long run.

To help you tread this path, here is how to wear ethical fashion to leave a better planet for future generations.

Build a Capsule Wardrobe

When learning to build a sustainable wardrobe, looking into a capsule wardrobe can go a long way. A capsule wardrobe is a collection of clothes that can mix and match to create different outfits. It allows you to get the most out of the articles of clothing.

Look for Sustainable Clothing

Sustainable clothing is made by following various approaches, with environmentally friendly manufacturing and distribution processes being front and center. Whether looking for mens Halloween costumes or women’s power suits, you can find sustainable choices in almost every category. Since brands make it a point to highlight their commitment to sustainability, it is easy to discover if your favorite manufacturers follow this approach by simply looking for relevant information.

Commit to the 30 Wears Rule

The 30 wears rule is a promise to don each new article of clothing at least 30 times before you put it out to pasture. Refraining from continuously buying clothes that leave a carbon footprint on the planet can lower your burden on the environment. If you have trouble coping with this change, you can use a life goals platform to follow this practice more easily.

Invest in Timeless Pieces

Ethical Fashion

Besides learning how to wear sustainable fashion and use the same clothes at least 30 times, you can also take the initiative to build a timeless wardrobe. These pieces, such as blue jeans, white button-ups, and tweed coats, are simple in their looks but stay in vogue regardless of changing trends. This can help you wear them repeatedly without feeling like you are compromising your style.

Get Trans-Seasonal Clothing

Ethical clothing doesn’t have to be boring. You can wear the same pieces across multiple seasons and weather conditions with trans-seasonal clothing. This helps you wear each outfit multiple times while lowering the need to purchase new clothes. You can further elevate your look with statement makeup choices, such as wearing a nude lip kit in the summer or a rosy blush in winter.

Upcycle Your Outfits

If you are one to be sentimental about old clothes, you don’t have to bury them deep in your closet to buy new replacements. Instead, you can fight off your boredom with old clothes by upcycling them. Whether you modify the length of a dated skirt or use glitter to embellish a worn t-shirt, you can easily find ways to be confident in your style without buying many new clothes.

Vow to Donate Your Clothes

If you need to let go of old clothes, try donating them to someone who would wear them instead of ending up in a landfill. You can take your clothes to a local donation center or donate them online. But in either case, using an online donation app lowers the planet’s burden.

These solutions go a long way toward helping you embrace ethical fashion. You can look your best while ensuring that you care for the planet.

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