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Unique Corporate Gift Ideas to Impress Everyone



Unique Corporate Gift Ideas to Impress Everyone

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

It’s hard enough to manage your routine tasks without the added burden of picking out gifts. Gift-giving may be a challenge, but it can be fun as well. You can use the experience to discover how well you know your coworkers and clients.

It’ll serve as a great bonding experience when your gift-giving hits the mark. Besides, good corporate gifts don’t have to cost a bomb. What matters is putting some thought into choosing them.

Here are a few ideas for choosing unique corporate gifts to impress everyone.

Clothing and Accessories

Unique Corporate Gift Ideas

Image Source: Pexels

Nothing says ‘I know you’ better than a gift of apparel. Everyone has unique clothing and accessory preferences. After all, the global apparel industry is worth over $500 billion.

People are often hesitant to give their coworkers something as personal as clothing. More often than not, there’s more that can go wrong than can go right with clothing. After all, it’s not easy to pick out clothing sizes at the best of times.

The fact that it’s not a common choice makes it a great choice for corporate gifting. Besides, size doesn’t have to be an issue for every piece of clothing. You can choose to give your coworkers hoodies and other types of clothing that don’t need precise sizes.

If you’re giving it to a client, these hoodies can have your logo on them. Featuring your logo on clothing has two advantages. One, if the hoodie is of good quality, your client will appreciate the gift.

Two, it works as a great promotional tool to build your brand image. You should feature the name and logo of your business on this apparel to help them remember your brand. You needn’t use hoodies if you’re running a promotional campaign during the warmer months.

You can distribute t-shirts or shirts instead. Another great idea is to give your clients reusable bags featuring your logo.

But, these gifts are for clients alone. You wouldn’t give your coworkers promotional hoodies if you work for the same company. You could give them more personal gifts instead.

Their style and preferences should factor into your gifts of apparel. You should know what clothing they wear and plan your gifts for special occasions. You must consider their choice of color, fit, and other factors while buying these.

Coffee Blends and Serveware

Unique Corporate Gift Ideas Coffee Blends and Serveware

Image Source: Lynnliana

Very few people can say no to a good, strong coffee blend. Clients and coworkers alike love their coffee breaks. So why not give them a premium blend? There are hundreds, even thousands of premium coffee brands to choose from online.

But, you must remember that everyone has a coffee preference. Some people enjoy a strong shot of espresso every morning. Others might prefer a foamy cappuccino. So, it’s important to take note of what the recipient of your gift prefers.

After all, there’s little point in giving someone a premium brew they’ll never drink. These brews can be pretty expensive so you don’t want to waste money on the wrong one. If you’re unsure of what brew they like, you give them a gift card for coffee instead.

They could use the card at their favorite café or online to buy the drinks of their choice. You could even consider buying tea blends for coworkers who don’t like coffee. Tea contains more antioxidants than coffee and so it may be the healthier choice.

Also, there are many tea varieties available online from countries around the world. You could give your coworker a blend they’ve never tasted before for a unique experience.

If you’re feeling generous, you could even give them serveware to go with their tea or coffee. This serveware could include cups, mugs, and trays. There’s modern serveware available online that’s ideal for corporate gifting.

Also, resin serveware has been popular nowadays. Because of its unique and aesthetic look, it has become a popular gift among friends and family. These unique gifts include resin wooden charcuterie boards, serving trays, cheese boards, and more.

You could even buy decorative pieces in wood and other materials that go with your coffee blend. For close coworkers, you can personalize cups and mugs with a message. The message could be something that holds meaning for them.

In this way, you could kill two birds with one stone by giving them a blend and something to drink it in.

Custom Office Supplies and Accessories

Unique Corporate Gift Ideas Custom Office Supplies and Accessories

Image Source: Pexels

It’s never a bad idea to help your coworkers save some money on office supplies. After all, it’s something they may find themselves spending on pretty often. Office supplies don’t have to be boring or generic.

Notebooks, journals, make your own calendar and planners that are some gifts you could consider giving your coworkers. Such gifts are both thoughtful and practical. Using journals and planners can increase productivity in the workplace.

It can also help your coworkers organize themselves better. They would appreciate these gifts if they have trouble staying on top of things at work. Also, these journals, etc. are available in various colors and designs.

You can choose the designs that suit your personality the best. You could buy them an entire stationery set in the same design as well. In this way, they’ll have something pretty and useful to place on their desk at work.

Stationery isn’t the only thing you can give your coworkers though. Another great corporate gifting trend is all about accessories. These accessories include laptop bags and portable charges.

Your coworkers are sure to find these useful as it’s something they are likely to use every day. Portable chargers are a great option if your work demands a fair amount of traveling. Wireless chargers are a good option too.

Remember to buy electronic accessories that are compatible with your coworkers’ devices. The same goes for laptop bags. You’d need to consider the size of the laptop your coworker is using before you buy one.

You could even consider their color preferences and buy a bag that features the same. In this way, their gift will be both functional and attractive.


So those were some of our ideas on the best corporate gifts you can give your coworkers and clients. These gifts are easy to find and have something special to stay in. You can use them to express gratitude and appreciation for the people you work with.

In return, you may find your bonds with them strengthening.

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