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Yachting in Miami and Other Destinations in the States



Yachting in Miami

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Going yachting is a sport not for the meek in money. It is overtly expensive as being a member of a yacht club is a considerate expense in itself. Whether you are just interested in viewing yachts, like to rent them for a day charter, or have your own, it’s important to find the best yachting destinations in the United States to dive deeper into your hobby and enjoy the yacht capitals of this beautiful nation. Below we detail the best spots to look out for in the US in terms of yacht rentals & charters, bringing your own yacht, or just going around to the marinas and checking out what that city has docked in its slips.

Miami, Florida

Miami is home to some of the biggest yacht parties that often result in multiple boats anchoring up together, with people jumping from boat to boat, hopping on jet-skis, and using water toys until they deflate. This destination is for those looking to get their party on, drink and listen to music at the highest level of volume. However, there are many companies tending to those looking for a relaxing, low-key charter as that is what yacht rental companies much prefer. Whether you are part of the first group or the second, you’ll have plenty to do and see on this beautiful tip of land. Not to mention, yacht charters to the Bahamas leave out of Miami all the time as well. From Miami, you can take overnight charters to the Bahamas, the Keys, and other fun destinations right around the corner! When we do yacht charters here, we love working with this company here.

The Keys

With over 800 keys stretching down to Key West, yachting in this area will never get dull. You can stop on some uninhabited islands that make way for a new experience no one might have ever had there before. We often hear of people enjoying jet-skiing in this area as there open, calm waters, and landmarks to check out up close. Once you get to Key West, you can enjoy Duval street with numerous waterside restaurants, bars, and activities you won’t want to miss. Some activities you’ll do here are snorkeling, diving, waterboarding, tubing, and more. The Keys can be a week-long vacation as there is a ton to do out here!

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Alaska is a different destination in terms of vibes, landscape, and experience when compared to the Keys and Miami. You can yacht while checking out glaciers, mountains, and even humpback whales! Take a walk on the wild side and go during mating season for humpback whales where you will see breaching more than any other time of the year. We love to go on Yachts in the Alaskan territory as it is different than any other place on earth. Getting to go so close up to glaciers and other natural forms will never be forgotten. Get your cameras ready, as you embark on a beautiful day charter into the cold waters of the north!


All in all, everything we mentioned above is just a small peek into what is offered in the United States for yacht charters. Get your family or friend group together and social distance in a nice yacht, while enjoying yourselves to the fullest! Our first recommendation is Miami, Florida as it can be party-oriented, relaxing, and a beautiful view as well.

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