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The Psychology of Colors in Your Office Outfit



Psychology of Colors

Image by Steve Adcock from Pixabay

Undoubtedly, your office is not a fashion parade when it comes to apparel. Nevertheless, the psychology of colors you wear is something that matters in this space too. People notice your clothing and judge you on your appearance. It may be a bad approach to make a judgment on your appearance, but it is a bitter fact.

Revising your office fashion and upgrading your professional wardrobe can make a difference. However, if you are planning to change your style, learn about the psychology of colors first.

What Is The Psychology Of Colors?

The psychology of colors is all about the effect of different shades on your emotions, reactions, and emotions. For years, business owners have been using this concept to their advantage. While a food brand uses red for increasing appetite, employers prefer blue for relaxation.

Similarly, many vouchers platforms use black to highlight their online discount codes for power. You can use the same effect on an individual’s perception with your work wear. It is exciting to understand that the shade of your footwear can also affect how one thinks of you.

Read further to understand the connotation of some colors.


Starting with the black because this color symbolizes authority, sophistication and power. It is the strongest of all colors and is said to have a slimming effect. Besides, black is a shade capable enough to put a scary and dominating at times. Consider is as an ideal color for trousers, tops, and jackets. Nevertheless, mixing it with other colors is the right way to do so.


Joyfully, this color adds to the warmth of a place and is cheery enough. Nevertheless, keep in mind that this shade can sometimes boost anger and frustration in a person. It also leads to an eye strain most often. You can limit yellow by wearing it in the form of accessories like handbags, necklaces, and ties.


This color owns a royal and wealthy history. Nevertheless, with a huge number of people wearing purple nowadays, its psychology of colors is confusing. While it makes a person looks important, purple also symbolizes insincerity or hypocrisy. You can wear it only when you feel confident enough to wear it successfully.


Of course, this color is all about peace, purity, and serenity. However, white often looks dull and boring. For this reason, it is better to use it with a modern touch. Traditionally, white serves as a strong background for an office top. You can pair it with vibrant ties, scarves, and pendants.


The safest of all office wear colors is orange. You can easily associate it with warmth and enthusiasm. Moreover, the psychology of colors defines orange as one with minor negativity. For this reason, professionals consider more orange for accessories. It quickly cuts the dominance and rudeness from your personality.


Red is the color of love without a question. It owns a powerful association with aggression, speed, and excitement. This color is medically proven to provoke emotions. Therefore, you can wear this red to sales pitches and meetings.


Up above the sky, blue is a calm color that enhances inspiration and serenity. Moreover, it is a shade that sometimes induces the feelings of sadness. According to the psychology of colors for work wear, you can wear blue when you are planning to deliver important news. But, if it is bad news that you want to share, pair blue with other colors.


You can always see elderly people wearing brown. It is because this color symbolizes maturity and ageing. Brown also makes a person appear wise. We commonly see this shade in schools and workplaces because it boosts the feelings of respect. Keep in mind, excess use of brown in office can make you appear boring or old-fashioned.


The color pink describes femininity, romance, care, and tenderness. The psychology of colors defines this shade as a strange one for its double effect. Pink on its initial exposure gives a calm and relaxing look. However, this color when exposed for a larger time can get irritating for many. You may prefer pink for the accessories you carry for a short time. For instance, jackets, bags, and scarves.


For green, its psychology is similar to orange. This color has a very few negative associations. Moreover, green is the color of nature. It often induces good luck and tranquility. You can consider it as a superb choice for the workplace. It also makes an exceptional choice for all accessories.

The Final Thoughts

The psychology of colors can matter how you carry yourself to the office. Try to look good and leave a positive impression on folks around you. You can work on different combinations like green and black, orange and blue, or pair pink with black. These colors can display your strong ensemble but make you approachable, calm, and peaceful.

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