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What You Need to Know About DC’s New Girl on the Street: Stargirl




You’ve heard about DC’s new show Stargirl, but you haven’t given it a shot yet. Here’s what you need to know about the series before jumping into your first binge-watch.

Who’s Who?

Stargirl, which is executive produced by Geoff Johns, features a combination of new and familiar actors and actresses:

  • Brec Bassinger as Courtney Whitmore and Stargirl
  • Amy Smart as Barbara Whitmore
  • Luke Wilson as Pat Dugan and S.T.R.I.P.E.
  • Yvette Monreal as Yolanda Montez and Wildcat II
  • Anjelika Washington as Beth Chapel and Doctor Mid-Nite II
  • Trae Romano as Mike Dugan
  • Cameron Gellman as Rick Tyler and Hourman II

These talents combine into an impressive cast that performs to a soundtrack by Pinar Toprak. Each episode is directed by a different person, including these directors for the first season:

  • Glen Winter
  • Greg Beeman
  • Rob Hardy
  • Michael Nankin
  • Tamra Davis
  • Jennifer Phang
  • Toa Fraser

Together, the cast, crew, and production staff create a superhero universe that is both escapist and realistic.

What Happens?

While this is the first show about Stargirl, she has been featured in comics before. However, if you’re new to DC’s content, you can figure out the backstory along with Courtney in this first season. The show opens as the Injustice Society of America invades the Justice Society of America’s headquarters. Most of them die, including Starman, but his sidekick, Pat Dugan, survives. Starman charges Pat with guarding the Cosmic Staff until a new hero arises who can reunite and restore the JSA. Pat goes into hiding, keeping his identity as a superhero a secret even from his stepchildren.

After this opening, the show cuts to a decade later, when Pat is married to Courtney Whitmore’s mom. The family has just moved, and Courtney is recovering from a terrible first day at school when she finds the Cosmic Staff. She can’t control the tool and ends up obliterating a classmate’s car. Through this incident, she learns about her stepfather’s past and her legacy with the JSA. At the same time, members of the ISA become aware of her presence, including Brainwave. The conflict between these two damaged groups builds throughout the season, leading to an epic two-part season finale.

To catch the first season, which has 13 episodes that last for around 45 minutes, tune into The CW or another streaming platform. Then, start getting excited for the second season, which is currently in production and should debut in summer 2021.

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