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Who Can Immigrate To Canada?



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Canada accepts somewhat like 250,000 new immigrants every year. But the applicants need to meet specific entrance requirements. If you are the one who wants to apply in 2021 without any further delay, know the Canadian citizenship application status.

For starting the immigration application procedure, one must apply for permanent resident status first. Therefore, in this article, you will know who can immigrate to Canada?

According to Canadian immigration laws, the visa application for permanent residence is divided into four main categories. And under these categories, many requirements need to be allowed to live in Canada.

So, to know all of these in detail, keep reading.

Who Can Immigrate To Canada?

People of four main categories who can immigrate to Canada are:

• Family class members
• Economic immigrants
• Humanitarian and compassionate applicants
• Refugees

Family Class Members

These are people who have closely connected persons of Canadian residents staying in Canada. Suppose you are a permanent citizen of Canada. In that case, under the family class, you can guarantor your parents, partner, dependent child, or other eligible relatives for being a permanent resident.

Economic Immigrants

These are the people who are doing business and are skilled and experienced workers with Canadian experience. And it is also divided into three classes.

1. Skilled Worker Class

This program is for the people who want to be permanent residents depending on their work qualification and work skill in a fixed skilled trade. So, they can be eligible after considering their settlement ability and economic participation.

Furthermore, applicants should learn more about LMIA application form, which plays a crucial role in assessing their eligibility. It provides a comprehensive overview of the necessary steps and documentation required for a successful application.

In short, if the worker is skilled enough, educated, and experienced have more chances to be an immigrant. It is also a plus point for the Canadian labor market.

2. Canadian Experience Class

This category is for the immigrants who already live in Canada and who have temporary status. So, to be permanent, they need to apply for permanent citizenship.

In a nutshell, international students, temporary foreign workers, people with fluency in English or French, and skilled workers may qualify to live as permanent residents in Canada.

3. Business Class

Self-employed immigrants, entrepreneurs, and investors fall into the business class because they have skills, funds, and necessary business experience.

Humanitarian And Compassionate Applicants

For humanitarian and compassionate reasons also, people are accepted as immigrants if applied to Canada. But they may not be eligible as permanent residents. These are rear cases that are evaluated on a case basis. The common factors that may be considered are:

• Family ties
• Settlement in Canada
• The best interest of children
• Significances of not conceding the request


Many people in the world feel threatened to live in their own country. So, when they live in other countries for protection, they are mainly known as refugees. Canada has a value system that they are welcoming people with greetings if anyone is a refugee.

Who Are Ineligible To Immigrate To Canada?

Now when you have known the people who can immigrate to Canada, it is also essential to know who cannot. According to Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, they are known as inadmissible. The reason for this is:

• Previous criminal record
• Financial issues
• International or human rights violations
• Security concern
• Health grounds
• Misrepresentation
• Having an inadmissible family member

How Much Money Is Required To Live In Canada?

After you get to live in Canada, you need the following money to run a life there. So, know it very carefully if your plane is soon to take off.

Family Member and Required Funds (Canadian Dollars)

1     $12,960
2    $16,135
3    $19,836
4    $24,083
5    $27,315
6    $30,806
7    $34,299

In maximum cases, the people applying to immigrate to Canada must go through the visa application procedure for permanent residence before coming to Canada. Applications can be given via mail or to the Canadian Embassy. The applying process can be done while staying in Canada as a refugee, humanitarian and compassionate reasons, spouse of a Canadian citizen, and many more.

In a nutshell

So, from the above information, it is already clear who can immigrate to Canada? Moreover, a list has also been given who are ineligible to immigrate to Canada. Canada is an excellent choice to live in because of the environment, climate, and other facilities.

The foreign student can be admitted to a university like “University of British Columbia” if they go to the west coast. And if they go to the eastern side, there are also great universities in Ontario.

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