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Polo Shirts VS. T-Shirts: What’s The Main Difference?



Stuck in between polo shirts vs T-shirts? Don’t worry. This article will help you to clear the confusion.

The main difference between polo shirts vs. t-shirts is how these shirts are designed and produced. Polo shirts have a collar like a shirt with 2 or 3 buttons under the collar. It can be used for formal wear with proper tuck in, such as boys polo shirts, short sleeve polos, long sleeve polos, wool polos, golf polos, pocket polo, etc.

On the other hand, t-shirts don’t have collars on them and are mainly used for casual wear, such as a V-neck t-shirt, striped t-shirt, graphic t-shirt, pocket t-shirt, a plain t-shirt, crew neck t-shirt, U neck t-shirt, etc.

Although both almost look alike, there are still many dissimilarities between both of them. Keep reading to know about polo shirts vs. t-shirts in detail.

Polo Shirts VS. T-Shirts: What makes them different?

Though polo shirts and t-shirts have various things similar, there are still several noteworthy differences between them. In fact, due to these many similarities, many of us have these confusions that both are the same. For which, we often see that the customers tell the seller to show them a t-shirt, but in fact, they have come to buy a polo shirt.

That’s why we have presented this article to you, so you clearly understand the differences between them and don’t have to face any situation like this. Therefore, both of them are written below briefly, along with a tabular comparison to clear all of your doubts:

Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are often called a tennis shirt or a golf shirt. They have a collar and some buttons under the collar, like a shirt. Also, in many cases, they have an extra optional pocket.

Previously, Polo shirts were famous as a sports attire only. But now, it has gained much fame and is used largely as smart formal wear.

These shirts are generally created using woolen fabric like Pique thread, interlock yarn, merino fabric, silk, synthetic fabrics, etc. Polo shirts are a combination of shirt and t-shirt.

If you don’t like to wear shirts but have to wear formal clothes, then polo shirts are the best option as it will give you a formal look along with the comfort that you would have got wearing a t-shirt.

Nowadays, different types of polo shirts are available with varied colors and designs. So it gives you a varied collection of options to choose from depending on your taste and requirements. However, it suits the most when it is worn with jeans and dress pants.


Unlike polo shirts, T-shirts don’t have any collars on them and have mostly short sleeves. These are best suited for casual wear and should not be wear for any type of official occasions. Mostly, they come in with a round-shaped neck or a V-neck shape and are usually created using light materials like woven fabrics.

Previously, they were worn for only underclothes, but nowadays it is an everyday outfit worn and loved by both boys and girls of all ages. In fact, in today’s fashion world, t-shirts have taken a top position by coming in with various colors and designs to choose from.

Moreover, it gives you the flexibility to design your one depending on your wants, like you can use cartoons, slogans, or any types of message that you want to write in your one.

Other than the normal length, they are also available in different sizes, such as a crop top, a long one. However, it suits the most when it is worn with jeans or skirts(for girls).

Tabular Comparison Between Polo Shirts And T-shirts

Read the below tabular comparison to get a better understanding of polo shirts and t-shirts:

SL NO.BasisPolo ShirtsT-Shirts
1Suitable forPolo shirts are most suitable for smart casual wear.T-shirts are most suitable for casual wear.
2CollarsAll polo shirts have collars in them.T-shirts don't have any collars in them.
3ButtonsAll polo shirts usually 2 or 3 buttons below the collar.T-shirts usually don't have any buttons on them.
4Made ofPolo shirts are made using woolen cloths.T-shirts are made using woven cloths.
5PatternsPolo shirts have normal patterns. Such as stripes.There can be stripes or not.
6NecklinesThese shirts have collared necklines.T-shirts have various types of necklines. However, the most common necklines are the U-neck and V-neck.
7Printed designsThey usually don't have any printed designs like pictures or slogans in them.They have printed designs like pictures or slogans in them. In fact, you can design your t-shirt based on your taste and requirements.
8TypesPique polos, short-sleeve polos, long-sleeve polos, light-weight polos, wool polos, golf polos, sportswear polos, etc.a V-neck t-shirt, striped t-shirt, graphic t-shirt, pocket t-shirt, a basic t-shirt, crew neck t-shirt, U neck t-shirt, embellished t-shirts, etc.


I hope this article helped you to know about polo shirts vs. t-shirts. Whether you wear polo shirts or t-shirts, both will give you a fashionable look along with the exact relaxation you need for an outfit.

However, depending on the situation, it is best to wear them like for causal wear t-shirts is the perfect one. On the other hand, if you don’t like shirts but want to have smart formal wear, then the most suitable option to go for is polo shirts.

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