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The Ultimate Guide to Building the Perfect Home Gym



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There are many reasons why someone could opt to build their own home gym instead of going to a commercial gym.

Maybe they don’t like the multitudes of crowds in a commercial gym and they would prefer a quieter, spacious workout space. Or maybe, they dread the idea of reusing the same sweaty gym gadgets used by other customers. Or, perhaps, the cost of a commercial gym is just too expensive for them.

It does not matter what your reason is. If you are reading this, it means you are interested in setting up a gym in your home and we are here to offer you advice on how to create a perfect one.

First, you need to understand everyone lives in different types of homes, and gym gadgets that might be suitable for a huge suburban house are not suitable for a small studio apartment.

Different Spatial Scenarios for your Home Gym

The most essential part of creating the perfect gym in your house is creating one that is most suitable for the amount of space you can afford. Below are three general spatial scenarios and the best ways to set up a gym suitable for them:

A Studio Apartment

A studio apartment typically has limited space, and the idea of setting a gym can seem like an absurd one but it is actually not. Setting up a gym in your small studio apartment is possible. You just have to re-arrange your space carefully so that most of your work-out equipment does not accidentally get in your way.

Gym accessories like Suspension Trainers that can fit in a drawer, Resistance Bands in place of dumbbells, and Jump Ropes that can act as a treadmill can save you a lot of cost and space.

A Large House with Several Rooms

When you have a large house with several rooms, chances are, you might not be really using one of these rooms. Whether it a guest room, or just an empty bedroom, this room can be the perfect place to set up your own gym.

Unlike with a studio apartment where you have to save up on space, a large house can bring with it a lot of liberty to add more gym paraphernalia and even more freedom to work-out. However, this m gym paraphernalia should also be easy to fold-out just in case you receive guests who require that space.

For a large house, the best gym paraphernalia include a Foldable Bench that will allow you to do a lot of movements without using extra gadgets, Parallel Training Bars that will build up your strength and an Adjustable Dumbbell that is very space-efficient.

The Garage Gym

If you have a garage but do not yet have a car, or you just prefer to park your car outside, you should consider using the garage space for your gym space. The spacious room will not only give you the freedom to add more commercial gym gear, but it will also allow you to reach your workout goals faster.

One gadget that you should consider in your garage gym is gym packages. Gym packages, depending on where you purchase it, can contain a variety of gym paraphernalia ranging from barbells, climbing ropes, rings, a rack, and so much more.

Apart from purchasing gym gadgets for your garage gym, you should also install a pristine rubberized flooring that will make you move easily hence making your work-out more enjoyable. Another advantage of this flooring is that it can be uninstalled easily if you need to convert your garage back to a car garage.

Home Gym Equipment for Different Work-Out Goals

Other than just looking for gym gadgets suitable for the available space in your home, you should also look for ones that will allow you to achieve the results you are looking for. Here are examples of gym gadgets used at home to achieve different results:

Multi-station Gym Gear

Perfect if you are looking to build muscle. Being an all in one solution, this kit may contain several gadgets like weights, dumbbell, barbells, and weight benches depending on the company you purchase it from.

Squat Rack

Also called a power rack, a squat rack is great when doing squats. It not only provides safety by limiting the number of weights added but it is will also allow you to be more comfortable when doing squats.

Floor Mats

Floor mats do not necessarily help you achieve a specific goal but will instead make your journey easier by cushioning the floor, hence making you more comfortable when working out.


Since you are not getting any help from a gym instructor, mirrors can help you visualize your progress and observe your posture when you are doing certain exercises.

Final Thoughts

As outlined above, there is a lot that goes with building the perfect gym in your home, and here are more basic pieces of advice you should consider taking in the process:

First, never turn your house into a gym, despite the limited amount of space you might have. As covered above, if you have a small space, purchase gadgets that are easily foldable or that do not take too much space.

Second, avoid buying gadgets that are too expensive. Remember that you might have a limited budget, so purchase what is cheap and for sale in line with your budget and avoid buying into the infomercial hype.

Lastly, create a work-out space environment that will motivate you to exercise. This can mean putting on aerobics music, hanging inspiring posters, or simply adjusting the lighting, depending on what works for you.

Follow this, and you will get yourself the perfect gym in your own home!

Ryan is a professional content creator for Technical Writers with a wealth of experience in the health and wellbeing industry. He first became passionate about health and fitness during his time as a personal trainer and whilst travelling the world. After securing an A* in English Literature, he became a full time copywriter.

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