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Proper Exercise for Better Heart Health



Exercise for Better Heart Health

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Along with a good diet and regular checkups, one of the best ways to protect the health of your heart is through exercise. Because the heart is a muscle, it needs to be used but not overworked, in order to keep it strong. When you exercise, you encourage your heart to work harder, within safe limits, which can keep it pumping better for the long term. Understanding what kind of exercise, and how much you should do, goes a long way toward improving the health of your heart.

Cardiovascular Fitness Is Important

If you ask medical professionals like Ian Weisberg, they’ll tell you that it’s a good idea for everyone who can safely exercise to do so. Most people can get some kind of exercise, and the goal is to get 30 minutes of it every day, at least five days per week. Of course, some people get a lot more than that. They might have active jobs, for example, or maybe they have a hobby that gets them moving. Whether you can do a lot or only a little, though, movement is important for your heart’s health.

Walking Is Good Exercise

All too often, people underestimate the value of walking. They say it’s not really exercise, or that it doesn’t do enough to help people become healthier. The truth is that walking is one of the very best exercises. It’s among the safest for people of all ages and abilities, and it’s also something people can do if they’re overweight, have bad knees, or otherwise can’t engage in more aggressive forms of exercise. Walking burns calories, and it’s great for your heart.

Swimming, Jogging, and Hiking

According to Dr. Ian Weisberg and other medical professionals, you may also want to consider things like jogging, swimming, or hiking. Dancing is also good for your heart, too, and can help reduce your stress, because it’s an enjoyable way to get more movement into your day. No matter what kind of exercise you decide to engage in, though, the most important thing you can do is make sure your doctor agrees that the exercise you plan to do is safe for your current level of health.

Overtraining Can Be Dangerous

You don’t need to work out hard and train all the time to be healthier and get heart benefits. In fact, overtraining can put too much strain on your body and be dangerous for you. Start small and build up from there, to give your heart the best benefits of any exercise routine you choose.

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