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CrossFit Home Workouts While on Self-Quarantine



CrossFit Home Workouts

Quarantine and lockdown measures have been affecting the way people go through their daily routines. That includes fitness enthusiasts who love going to the gym, as it is a place often filled with people who share workout equipment. It’s hard to say right now when things will go back to normal—it could be a year or more before fitness centers start attracting people again.

Other than that, the whole pandemic is creating a stressful situation for everyone around the globe. People are affected in different degrees, with some able to weather the storm but the majority uncertain and even losing jobs. Staying active might be at the least of someone’s priorities—even though it’s a great way to stay healthy and sane throughout this challenging time.

If you miss the gym or want to have at least thirty minutes of channeling your energy into a routine, there are CrossFit routines you can do while on quarantine. It might not be the same as what you used to do, but it’s a great way to keep those endorphins pumping to facilitate a better mood and lowered stress levels.

1. Death By [Insert Move Here]

Let’s get started with endurance. You can fill in the blank with any workout you’re trying to advance. You can choose either push-ups, burpees, squats, and the like. Start by doing as many reps as you can for one minute. If you pass the mark, keep going until you reach two or so on, until you feel like you can’t go on anymore. (That’s why it goes by the moniker “death by”!)

2. Gallon Jug Lifts

Get creative and involve household items in your home CrossFit routines! Unless you have a home gym set up, you might not own weights at home. That’s alright. Grab a gallon of water, milk, or juice (make sure it’s filled up!) and use that in your workout. Alternate between five deadlifts and five lunges, taking a break after ten to 15 reps of each.

3. The Marguerita

If you want something more intense (in true CrossFit nature), try to see if you can hit 50 rounds of The Marguerita. That’s one burpee, one push-up, a jumping jack, one sit-up, and one handstand. That’s guaranteed to hit different muscle groups and give you a shot of adrenaline, stat.

4. The Yard Run

If you have a backyard or are lucky enough to have an area where you can jog in your residential area, you can try this for a short exposure to the sun, nature, and fresh air. This workout starts by running half a mile, either around your yard or on your street, and coming back to your garage to perform 30 burpees. Have a mat by your garage ready every time you complete a rep.

5. All 20s

If you want something more structured and something you can do in one area of your house, do 20 reps of the following: burpees, push-ups, sit-ups, and air squats. These are quintessential CrossFit moves, but don’t think that they’re easy peasy—after 20 reps, you’ll probably be sweating a lot! For an extra challenge, do ten rounds of this.

6. Blast Your Core

Core strength is crucial to keeping the whole body strong. If you want a workout routine focused on this, then here’s an extra challenge for you: 100-situps and 100 Supermans.

Optional: If you have access to a yard or jogging in your area is allowed, you can start and end with a mile-long run for an extra burn. Just one round of this is enough for you to get fired up!

Stay Healthy, Stay at Home

Switch up your home routine and add workouts for that much-needed endorphin boost! You won’t regret it. Home workouts are also highly recommended if you have pre-existing conditions. Let’s say you’re pre-diabetic—doctors will likely encourage you to live a healthy lifestyle to prevent diabetes.

Taking care of your well-being should be your number one priority during this pandemic. If this means doing home exercise routines, then, by all means, do so. It might take more motivation to work out while on quarantine, but you’re going to thank yourself in the long run.

CrossFit Home Workouts 2

Stay hydrated, follow your local quarantine measures and protocols, and keep in touch with those you love. This is a difficult time for many, so make sure you do whatever you can to stay happy and sane.

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