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Surprising Health Benefits of Having Scotch Whisky



Health Benefits of Having Scotch Whisky

If you’re a regular but moderate drinker, there’re some surprising health benefits of having Scotch whisky. Why’s that you may wonder. Because the best brands of Scotch whisky are made from finest quality wheat. The distillation process ensures that most nutrients or rare elements vital for a good health remain in the Scotch whisky. And when you consume such whisky, your health benefits too.

However, it’s important to remember that I’m talking about Scotch whisky.

What’s Scotch Whisky

Scotch whisky isn’t just any whisky. It’s whisky that’s distilled in Scotland only. That’s because Scotland has a centuries-old tradition of distilling this potent alcoholic drink. Scotch whisky ranks as the most popular alcoholic drink worldwide after beer.

Under international laws, whisky made in Scotland hold something known as Geographical Indication or GI. This means, only whisky from Scotland qualifies to be known and sold as Scotch whisky.

Whisky made in India isn’t Scotch whisky. Nor does finest Indian whisky blended and matured with imported Scotch whisky qualify for such GI. Therefore, if you want to get these surprising health benefits of having Scotch whisky, you’ll have to consume the authentic stuff that’s made in Scotland only.

The price of authentic scotch whiskey is fairly high usually in the range of Rs 5000 & more for a 1 liter bottle but there are many scotch whiskies that are very expensive.

Surprising Health Benefits of Scotch Whisky

Considering you’re willing to spend some money on enjoying authentic Scotch whisky, here’re something to remember.

You can get these excellent benefits of having Scotch whisky only if you consume the recommended allowance of about 90ml daily or occasionally. If you’re a heavy drinker or consume more than 90ml per day, you won’t get any of these benefits. Instead, you can suffer severe health problems.

Now that you’re aware, let’s talk about some of the surprising benefits of having Scotch whisky.

1. Weight Control & Weight Loss

Scotch whisky contains calories due to its alcohol content. And it has very negligible amounts of fat and carbohydrates due to the excellent distillation processes that Scottish distillers use till today. Consequently, Scotch whisky is non-fattening.

Furthermore, various phytonutrients and anti-oxidants in Scotch whisky speed up your metabolism. They stimulate your body to use up fat deposits while preventing excessive future fat build-up, if you have proper diet with Scotch whisky.

2. Can Help Reduce Hair Fall

High quality Scotch whisky is a proven vasodilator. This means it helps your arteries, veins and capillaries to expand slightly causing blood circulation to improve. You may find your face appears reddish when you consume alcohol. That’s due to vasodilation. However, Scotch whisky promotes excellent and right vasodilation.

As a result, blood supply to your scalp- or the skin on your head- improves for a few hours. This increase helps your hair roots to get proper nutrition and strengthens them. Consequently, consuming moderate volumes of Scotch whisky prevents hair fall.

3. Prevents Cardiac Ailments

This may come as surprise: consuming Scotch whisky actually prevents cardiac ailments. However, I’ll repeat, drinking in moderation is the only way to reap this benefit. Because when you drink fine quality Scotch whisky in moderation, you’re actually preventing blood clots from forming within your circulatory system. And helping lower bad cholesterol levels in the body, especially your blood vessels. Both these factors help in preventing Ischemic heart disease, strokes as well as cardiac arrests. In fact, superior quality Scotch whisky is a known heart tonic since ages.

4. Fights Cancer Causing Toxins

All of us consume cancer causing toxins that are known as carcinogens. Furthermore, certain functions in our bodies also triggers carcinogen buildup that can lead to cancer. Superior quality Scotch whisky contains a rather unknown substance known as Ellagic Acid. And Ellagic Acid is a potent anti-carcinogen.

Fine quality grains that go into making Scotch whisky help release a lot of Ellagic Acid in the final product. And when you consume a superb Scotch whisky, you’re indirectly introducing strong and potent doses of Ellagic Acid into your blood system. This Ellagic Acid neutralizes carcinogens, lowers and prevents their further build up. In turn, this prevents cancer.

5. Anti-Stress Medicine

Again, moderate doses or about 90ml of Scotch whisky daily is known as an excellent stress buster. When you consume a fantastic Scotch whisky in small doses, you’re triggering a chain reaction in the brain. Certain brain hormones and chemicals work to give you that sense of euphoria and relieve stress.

All of us experience various kinds of stress at various levels daily. And Scotch whisky in moderation reduces and eliminates it. As a result, you can enjoy excellent sleep. However, there’s also a flipside to this stress-busting nature of Scotch whisky: some people tend to drink heavily or use stress as an excuse for alcoholism and binge drinking.

In Conclusion

As I’ve shown you, there are at least five surprising health benefits of having Scotch whisky. Additionally, Scotch whisky promotes appetite and can ward off colds and other common ailments as well. However, these benefits are available only when you drink in moderation.

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