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6 Easy Exercises For All Ages That Removes Stress And Mood Disorders



Easy Exercises For All Ages That Removes Stress And Mood Disorders

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Exercising has a diverse effect on a person’s health, mentally and physically. Doctors and physicians recommend exercise to succor the disease and improve physical health. Staying physically active is the ultimate solution to graze severe disorders and physical impairment.

It improves your physique, crops your waist, and even add years to your life. But these are not the only issues that people have to deal with. Mental health issues have spread out to a great extent. Exercise has a solution for this, also.

Generation Z has a comparatively, more hectic schedule of work. They have a nerve-racking schedule throughout the day. They barely spend time for themselves and with their families. It increases the stress level and causes several mental disorders. Stress can not be eliminated, but there are ways to deal with these disorders.

Exercise is equally essential for mental health issues. It is a form of physical stress that a brain needs to stay active. The brain needs exercise, not rest. A graded fashion of exercise regularly helps to deal with depression, anxiety, stress, and mood improvement.

No matter your age, fitness level, or body structure, you can always learn to exercise, which proves to be a powerful way to manage stress and mood fluctuations. It relieves stress, improves memory, sleeps better, stays positive about yourself, and boosts the overall mood.

Mentioned below are the six ways that anyone can perform for relieving stress and mood disorders.

1. Walking

It is the simplest form of exercise. It does not require any training, equipment, or any particular place. The ample amount of exercise helps to release stress and makes the mind active. Walking also deepens breathing, releases tension from muscles, and quiets the nervous system. It helps to spend more time with nature, which is relaxing.

2. Yoga

It seems complicated because of all stretching and twisting, but it is far easier than it looks; there is something for every ability. It comprises the simple process as well as the most complex ones.

Yoga includes different poses that affect a person’s three aspects- body, mind, and breathing. It results in reduced blood pressure, more focusing, staying calm and relaxed. Yoga benefits the most stressed part of the body that are the back, shoulders, and neck. It also affects the jaw, fingers, wrist with simple yoga stretches.

Some of the simple yoga forms are Hatha, ashtanga, vinyasa, Bikram, kundalini, etc. Some of these are aesthetic, some are more athletic, and some focus on stress reduction.

3. Playing

Easy Exercises That Removes Stress And Mood Disorders

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Playing is the most interesting way to exercise. Different types of games are available that helps release stress and tension. People who like being outdoors can do simple activities like gardening, ball games, playing with pets or kids, etc. These activities ensure exposure to a healthy amount of sunlight that is a mood buster.

One can prefer games like badminton, tennis, and cricket, depending on their functioning level and energy. Indoor games like table tennis, carrom, ludo, etc., are also included in the list to enhance the mood. Games are the easiest way to distract a person from thinking about the things that make them depressed and stressed.

4. Dancing

Dancing is a workout that increases the heart rate. It just requires shoes, a sense of adventure, and a partner, which is optional. One can pick any style like salsa, ballroom, swing or square, ballet, pop, etc. It increases memory, problem-solving ability, thinking abilities, and helps in learning to solve new challenges.

Random dance at any song or music also helps in stretching, bending, and increasing heart rate. Many music clubs provide free lessons before the event. One can also join the dance classes or can learn by themselves with online platforms available.

5. Laughing

Laughing does not seem like a real exercise, but it greatly impacts health, relieves stress, and lightens the mood. Laughing with your family or friends distresses the mind and also gives relief.

Most of us think of laughing as an emotion. But laughter is a form of physical action. Robin Dumbar, a professor of evolutionary psychology at Oxford University had studied that laughing has repeated, forceful exhalation of breath from the lungs. He pointed out that the phrase ‘laugh until it hurts’ isn’t metaphoric. The muscle of the diaphragm has to work very hard, which could be painful and exhausting.

Laughing has both long term and short term effects on one’s body. It increases the intake of oxygen-rich air, enhances heart rate and blood pressure, relaxes the muscles, and releases stress. One may join laughter yoga classes, prefer funny videos or comic movies regularly, and reflect on a person’s mental health.

6. Other simple exercises

  • Listening to music for at least 30 to 40 minutes a day helps in decreasing levels of stress hormones. After a hectic schedule, a break to listen to music helps slow down the heart rate, decrease blood pressure, and lighten the mood. Listening to the type of music with approximately 60 beats per second will result in causing alpha brain waves; these alpha brain waves are present when the brain is relaxed and stress-free.
  • Avoid procrastination to stay active and relieve stress. Try to work with a to-do list to organize the priorities and time spent on each thing on the list. It will avoid the burden later, which might create a lot of pressure and ruin the work.
  • Writing down the thoughts, feelings, or instances that stress their brains or even those that make them excited is the best way to deal with the mind’s instability. An introverted person has a serious problem expressing their feelings with anyone, which may increase stress and depression. Recording their mind can help in watering the fire. It helps them analyze things and focus on what’s positive in their life.
  • Spending time with those who care about you can also make a person feel relaxed. It makes them feel glad and relaxed, and a reason to stay happy and positive. Overall that avoids the person’s stress and depression in a bum trip.

Summing up

People can not avoid stress and mood disorders, but one can learn to manage stress. The best exercises in any stressful situation and for any age is mentioned above. Following those will give effective results in your buzzing life.

Riddhi Ganatra is an online marketing consultant and outreach expert at Viss Beauty who loves to write and review fashion and beauty products. She spent more than three years as content creator covering topics like online marketing, technology, motherhood, lifestyle, beauty, and more.

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