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6 Best Workout Motivation Tips to Get You Exercising Again



6 Best Workout Motivation Tips to Get You Exercising Again

Holidays are the perfect times to blow off some steam and reward ourselves for all the hardships we endured throughout the year. So, if you used this holiday season to indulge yourself a bit, more props to you. But, winter fairy tales can’t last forever, and now is the time to start taking care of our bodies and shredding these few extra pounds we gained during vacation.

Of course, that is much easier said and done. Returning to some healthy habit after a couple of weeks of abstinence is probably much harder than taking a shot in the first place. Let us take a quick look then at a couple of best workout motivation tips that will help you help you start working out again.

1. Set clear and reachable goals

Setting goals was always one of the most important tools for reaching your peak athletic performance. How do they help you along the way? Well, instead of setting out to do something and get vague results, goals give you a very specific purpose you need to work towards. If these goals are tied to things you hold important like your personal health, confidence, or charity, even better. Be sure though to keep the game challenging enough because if you set the objectives that are too easy to reach (e.g., losing two pounds), you will quickly burn out the motivation you have summoned and get back to square one.

2. Change your lifestyle and nutrition habits

Healthy habits encourage one another just like bad habits invite each other. So, if you are experiencing a problem in going back to the gym try starting by switching your nutrition habits and consuming the right food in appropriate portions. First, this is an excellent way to improve your fitness and mental health. Second, conquering this small challenge and changing your life for the better will boost your confidence and allow you to engage in new conquests. Finally, working out is way harder if you always feel bloated and stuffy. Healthier food will solve this problem and supply you with enough fuel to do whatever you want.

3. Develop a habit of showing up

Summoning your willpower before every workout is very hard and it will quickly eat you up. That is why you should try to take willpower out of the equation and instead try to develop a habit of simply getting out there. Be sure to put your sneakers on and get out for a walk without any pressure. Go to the track you used for running and if you feel it take a couple of short sprints. Don’t feel it? No problem, you will get there eventually. What’s important is to develop a habit of taking your gear and simply getting out. You’ll see just how quickly you will slip into your previous training routine without even noticing.

Best Workout Motivation Tips to Get You Exercising Again

4. Use smartphone fitness apps

These neat tools have a tremendous impact on our workout motivation. Even the most bare-bones apps you can find in the store are able to give your workout structure, pump in a healthy level of gamification through various challenges and badges, and tie working out to an existing habit (using the phone for entertainment). Getting a professional sports training app, on the other hand, will unlock you a whole slew of other functions like performance metrics, coach feedback, training strategy, and so on. All these things make training fun, engaging, addictive, and simple and those are things you need at the moment.

5. Surround yourself with prompts

You know how certain things trigger your cravings and make you regress? Well, now is the time to fight fire with fire and use these triggers for something useful. So do your best to stack your house with things that will remind you why you started working out in the first place and fall back in line. Photos from the last-year summer holiday, exercise role models, and the clothes you want to get back in are all good as long as they serve this purpose. Also, be sure to announce your goals publicly since you will get a lot of support from your friends and family and get one additional and powerful motivator not to give up.

6. Do something and do it now

Planning out the detailed workout program will definitely help you to reach your fitness goals faster. But acting even if you don’t have any sort of plan is much, much better. You see, most people get so lost in this loophole of looking for an ideal setting and perfect routine they often forget that now is the perfect time to develop your fitness passion. If you, at this very moment, get up and do one pushup that is one giant step in the right direction and countless times better than nothing. Remember, getting stuck in the ‘everything or nothing’ mentality is an excuse for not acting and in most cases leaves you with nothing.

Over to you

We hope these few tips will help you to finally end the winter vacation and start getting back in shape again. As enjoyable and relaxing as the winter holidays are, the time of eggnog and heavy meals needs to end at some point. Well, you won’t find a better moment than this one. Use the tips we gave you above and you will start breaking some serious sweat in no time.


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