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Quick Tips for Mobile Application Usability



Quick Tips for Mobile Application Usability

Mobile devices have become important part of our lives. Every business now understands the importance of having a mobile application. Mobile applications have revolutionized the interaction between users and their mobile devices. Undoubtedly, mobile market is growing at a fast pace and the competition has increased like never before.

In order to keep one step ahead, businesses must consider increasing the usability of their applications to provide a better user experience. On the other hand, the fact that millions of internet users access the internet mostly from mobile devices plays an active role in increasing the importance of mobile applications.

We’ll jump right into the tips that would help you enhance the usability of mobile applications, but first we must understand the key features of a successful mobile application.

Key Features of a Successful Mobile Application

A successful application intelligently combines three different aspects: the market, the user, and the product itself. All these factors need to work together to provide users with unmatched value, great usability and good performance. Accessibility is the last but least important feature of a successful mobile app.

Quick Tips to Enhance the Usability of Mobile Application

In a world dominated by smartphones, finding a way to interact with customers is becoming more and more important. While UI is a very important part of UX, usability should always be a priority. If a mobile application is aesthetically pleasing but challenging for the user, the general perception of your mobile application will be negative.


We cannot complicate ourselves by adding multiple useless features to our app. The mobile application must be easy to use. It always helps if we reduce the processes and we are left with a few taps to do an action. You must do nothing to make the user dizzy. We like to get down to business, don’t we?

Easy Transactions

It is better to have fewer actions, pages, buttons and fields for data entry. When your user needs to complete an action, your app must provide him the simple way to make his experience more natural. See any action required for your user as an additional hurdle. The fewer actions they need to take, the closer users get to their goals.

Make sure they can keep their billing and delivery information and then have it automatically added to their order without having to re-add it each time. Also, add a visible edit button so they can quickly change their billing or delivery information during the checkout process.


We must maintain the same design throughout the mobile application. Same range of colors, same typography and font size and same structure. The design should be homogeneous and must help the users to recognize the product, and have a good user experience. Perhaps a professional web development company or an expert designer could help you get an engaging UI for your mobile application. An appealing UI greatly increases usability of a mobile application.

User Feedback

Bugs can circumvent tests, user expectations are variable, and trends come and go. If you want your app to remain successful, you need to closely monitor users’ feedback. The main channel for this; ratings, reviews and comments left on your app’s pages in stores. But feedback can also flow from other sources, such as your support channels and social media accounts.

The satisfaction of your users is the most important factor that keeps them using the application and increase usability. At first they may think your app is great, but that doesn’t mean they always look that way. Keep an eye on their feedback so make sure your app still lives up to their expectations.

Tips for Mobile Application Usability

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Make Yourself Different

If you want new users to continue using your mobile app, you need to make sure they realize your value early on, especially during the startup process. If you can’t convince users to stay within the first week, you will lose them forever. The market is saturated with millions of apps, all vying for user attention, so it’s important to get noticed instantly.

The methods you use to engage the mobile app can not only reduce abandonment rates, but can also help increase long-term success metrics such as user retention and lifetime value.

Make Sure Your App Is Fast and Stable

Perhaps it is the foremost among the features of successful mobile applications. Your app should open quickly, and continue to do everything quickly after it’s opened. Users should not feel that half of their life has passed while waiting for any process to be completed. You can be sure that if they do, they will quickly delete your app from their device.

You also need to make sure that your application is stable. If your app crashes while the user is in the middle of a transaction, you’d probably expect that they wouldn’t be too happy about it. If this happens often, you may forget your dreams of success.

Don’t Stop Your Content Stream!

Provide your users with some engaging yet exciting content. Add new posts, articles, videos and even new functionality to your app. If users consume all the content your app has to offer, they won’t want to use it again. You can keep their interest in the app alive if you offer them new things to see from time to time.

If you’re already a content creator, entering fresh content shouldn’t be a problem for you. If not, it may be a good idea to plan the content you will publish going forward as you build your app.

Bottom Line

The aforementioned tips will definitely help you enhance the usability of your mobile applications.

Ali Raza is an industry-leading digital marketer and has a fruitful experience in Search Engine Optimization. Working alongside with Brand Reshape, he assists brands generate revenue and strives to propel their business to new heights. By having diverse skillset, Ali Raza has secured a remarkable spot in digital marketing sector.

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