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How To Ensure Data Center Security



How To Ensure Data Center Security

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

The stampede to get online and join the masses who use (and now rely on) the cloud for most computing processes, systems and capabilities has seen the rise of the data center. It is something that is not generally discussed or even considered as part of your business cloud solution and yet it should be. Here are some simple tips to ensure that your cloud computing solution provides the requisite data center security.

Physical security

The first layer of security and the most often neglected in any discussions about business cyber and cloud security is the actual security at the physical location where the company data is held. It’s worth knowing where this is and how it is protected as this may influence your choice of provider. Monitoring the premises as a whole with some of the examples provided at should be the norm to provide a layer of on-site security and monitoring that will guarantee the security of your data.

Data protection

Once you’ve asked the questions to ensure that the actual server is secure, you need to have the right kind of protection for your data itself. Cloud edge security, with a zero-trust protocol is now the accepted minimum standard. The business needs to understand what this entails and those who access and use company data also need to be aware of the security demands of a modern online business.

Back up the data

Accidents and disasters happen and as such you need to have all data backed up at a remote location separate to the primary data center. The business must determine which specific data requires back up, but on top of that it would be best to back up all essential and critical data and assets as well as the operating systems, applications and configurations. These back-ups must be done regularly. There is now Backup as a Service (BaaS) and a company can be outsourced to ensure that all data in the data center itself is also backed up and secure.


One of the most common errors in judgement being made by modern business is the lack of suitable insurance to cover data loss and breaches in cyber security. It is a specific type of business loss and as such only covered by specific insurers and many businesses have been severely disadvantaged by data breaches as well as the fines and charges associated with legal action related to such breaches. In a data age where information is more important that gold or oil, having such insurance will be the protection your business could very well need.
Being in the cloud and having your company data in online locations rather than in the office is all well and good, as long as you have access when and as you need it and only if you can be assured of its actual safety. The safety measures as mentioned herein are presented as a means to allow your business to ask the right questions of those who store and hold your data.

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