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Monthsary Gift Ideas For Your Partner



monthsary gift ideas

Some do not believe in monthsaries, some think it is too cliche, but who cares about what others would say? There is no one in this world that could define or influence you about showing your loved one how special he/she is to you. You might be tagged by your friends as the corniest person in this planet, but if you are doing it for someone very special, it should not matter at all.

It was just recently when monthsaries have started to be celebrated by couples, anniversaries more popular and common. But what is monthsary anyway? It is celebrated every month instead of the usual yearly basis. What made this sweeter is that every month you are together, you are considering it a relationship milestone and you want to reminisce how the love flourished and developed over a month. This is a good time to remember the sweet moments you have had last month and what you see to come in the next months and even years to come.

Monthsary Gift Ideas For Your Partner

This is not as major or as massive as anniversary, but that should not limit you from stepping up and showing your love one how much you care. During this time, you are not required to spend too much, but being creative is what you need. There are many monthsary gifts to think and consider at this time. And to help you find the best gift to give your special someone, below are good ideas to consider:

Spa Gift Certificate

This is indeed a great gift to give your love one, very romantic and therapeutic. This is a perfect gift and at the same time date idea on your monthsary. Make the gift certificate open and valid for few weeks to a month, so at least if your lover is not available on your exact monthsary, he/she can still use it some other time.

Couple Shirt

How sweet it is to walk on the mall side by side, or hold hands at the park while wearing the same shirt? This can be worn not only during your monthsary but anytime of the day.

Flowers and Chocolates

No need to go far and think harder, as chocolates and flowers are more than enough to make this monthsary celebration the sweetest. This is a perfect gift to give both men and women, yes, you read it right, men would be really shocked yet excited to receive a bouquet of flowers.

An Elegant Hotel Reservation

This is a gift that would really turn a supposedly simple monthsary extra ordinary. If you have enough money to spare, this indeed is a great idea.

A Notebook or Diary

Especially to those who are celebrating their first monthsary, a notebook or a diary is a sure hit. Use this notebook or diary to write not just the memories you shared for the last month but memories you are about to share, and plans you are about to make in the future.You can also attach your previous photos and future photos as well. Make your relationship memorable, from your first month up to eleven, and the next months and years to come.

A Sweet Message, Quotation or Wishes

This is a perfect monthsary gift to those who are on a tight budget, but definitely worthwhile and meaningful. You can actually turn this simple gift to something unique and ordinary, like instead of sending it through text or email, which by the way people usually do, it is time to bring out your pen and paper and use your hand to stroke the sweet message and quotation. This indeed is a sweet gesture your loved one would rally appreciate. Your penmanship is definitely a lot better than digital prints.

If you have a bit of money to spare, you can write the sweet note on cake or shirt. Your love one would definitely feel the most special reading your note to somewhere he/she did not expect.

Many people consider this idea, but unfortunately they think it is hard to think of sweet notes to send their partner. Grab that idea as any notes, messages, wishes and quotations are best if it is coming from the heart.

You can also try to get meaningful messages from the internet. But if you can, try to tweak some of the words and make it personalized.

Needless to say, making your love one feel love and special, not only during anniversary or monthsary, but everyday is a must. The money you spend is not the measurement of how much you love someone, hence if you do not have money to buy expensive gifts, there are many ways to show how much you love someone, like the gift ideas mentioned above, and other priceless gifts like, honesty, loyalty, and trust.

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