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5 Inspiring Gifts For Your Customers This Year



5 Inspiring Gifts For Your Customers

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Whether it’s the holiday season or not, giving gifts to your customers is a sound business decision. Customers love receiving a token of appreciation from their favorite businesses. It helps them maintain a strong relationship with your brand while also giving them something worthwhile in appreciation of their continued patronage. There are a wide range of fantastic gifts your company can offer its customers. Here are five suggestions for inspiring gifts that’ll make your customers happy and ready to keep coming back this year.

A Discount Code or Coupon

If you want to build customer loyalty and entice your customers to return to your business regularly, offer your customers discounts. Most customers, regardless of the business, will seek discounts or deals as they shop. Offering a discount code or coupon can be a great way to help them find one while enticing them to shop for other items at the store. A loyalty program is an effective vessel for this, because people who are already loyal to a brand tend to become regular and supportive customers. Building that loyalty is difficult, but with the right incentives and programs in place, customers will become more loyal over time. It’s all about the execution of the program and the quality of the service. If you give your customers a gift to reward their loyalty every year, you can look forward to many more years with those customers and bring in potentially more customers down the line.

A Gift Card

When you want to show your appreciation for your customers, I consider giving them a small gift card. The gift card in the range from $20 to $40 can show you appreciate a guest while also giving them incentive to come back into your store. It also lets customers buy what they want when they shop. That takes a lot of the guesswork out of figuring out what they would like every year. Presenting customers with a customized gift card offers a distinct advantage by offering them the opportunity to invest in your product, service, or business well also receiving a nice gift for their patronage. Consider adding personalized messages or details to your gift cards to make them all the more worthwhile. Gift cards are available as physical items or digital codes, so the sky’s the limit when it comes to customizing these cards. Plus, gift cards empower customers to choose the product they want, so there’s no risk of them feeling disappointed with their gift.

A Subscription

Another great idea for a gift is a subscription service. A year of a free product or service can be valuable and show great appreciation to a customer. Also, did we mention people love to receive free stuff? It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, either. It can be as simple as a year-long subscription to a streaming service, free shipping for a year, a free coffee everyday, or something similar. In general, subscription services are an excellent gift for regular customers at any small business. Research from the National Retail Federation shows a significant number of consumers state that loyalty programs have a meaningful impact on purchasing decisions. Using a subscription as a gift can help spark a much more fruitful relationship not only generating leads for potential new customers, but also reducing customer churn and increasing your bottom line.


Although certain gifts have significant appeal to customers, sometimes you can’t go wrong with the basics. Pens and stationary are wonderful gifts for customers because they are functional, easy to transport, and offer significant branding opportunities to help generate more customer impressions. Give the gift of custom pens to your customers, and you’ll find that they will be more loyal and happy over time. Pens can range from simple ballpoint pens to engraved pens with customer’s name, fountain pens, or even a pen that has built-in accessories such as a stylus or a flashlight. Take some time to customize the pen so it shows off your company information and give your customers something worthwhile today.

A Personalized Thank You Note

Inspiring Gifts For Your Customers This Year

Photo by insung yoon on Unsplash

Sometimes the best way to show your appreciation for somebody is with a non-monetary, personalized thank you note. According to, sending direct messages to your customers is a good way to increase engagement, make them happier, and generate a positive impression among them. That can work well at any time of the year, but is especially useful during the holidays. When attempting to develop brand loyalty, it’s important to recognize what makes the customer special and to highlight their value to you within the context of a gift. A thank you note where you take the time to greet them, Express appreciation for your relationship, and tailor your messaging to look toward the future can be a great way to recognize them during the holidays. Moreover you have plenty of different delivery methods including email, snail mail, or text. A little gratitude can go a long way when you’re running a business, so be sure to thank your customers regularly and you might even consider providing a thank you note alongside one of the other gifts on this list to truly go the distance.

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