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The Different Types of Fabric for Bed Sheets



Different Types of Fabric

Where do you think a stressful mind must take you to? Most of the time; people lead to their bedrooms for relaxing and relieving stress. The necessary fact about every bedroom is a comfortable bed where you can forget worries about life. For this reason, always focus on your bed and decide every individual piece of it keenly. Different types of fabric make up the bed sheet, duvets, pillows, covers, and other stuff.

Bed sheet plays a crucial role in enhancing the comfort level of a mattress and bed. You can prefer the Benson for Beds discount codes and find the best bedding products for your bedroom. But, first of all, you must learn about the different types of fabric bed sheets are made of. Help yourself in learning about these and decide the material you need for wrapping your mattress.

Different Types of Fabric – The First Material

Linen is the first every material used to manufacture bed sheets. Most often, sheets are known as ‘linens’ because of their individuality on different types of fabric for bedding covers. It is made up of the fax plant, a fiber of the Linum plant. Garments and products manufactured with it are absorbent, durable, breathable, and comfortable.

Bed linens are popular for their cooling characteristic in warm weather. Cultivation of this plant is time-consuming and come up with enchanting worthwhile results. According to to9 history, Europe was the first nation to introduce linen with the world while Egypt was the first to master its weaving.

During the period of the 17th to 19th century, most women in America worked day and night tirelessly in weaving pillow covers, bed sheets, blankets, and towels. While cotton was invented by the end of the 19th century, linen still is the first choice of people today. Often individuals look for a blend of cotton and linen other than 100% linen. Its comfort level and airflow are incomparably marvelous.

Different Types of Fabric – Most Common Material

While linen is the priority of people in bed sheets, cotton is the most popular in different types of fabric nowadays. It has plenty of reasons for winning the selection of buyers in the home furnishing industry. The first and foremost reason to select this fiber is its washable and breathable nature.

Its durability makes it softer after every wash. There are no particular dos and don’ts regarding its care. However, this fabric is further divided into different categories you can find below.

Egyptian Cotton

Among all the different types of fabrics in the cotton class, Egypt has mastered the art of weaving. Egyptian cotton is the finest quality in the world impossible to find elsewhere. It is the most luxurious category and is popular in hotels and houses. It has the super-soft blend of long fibers that produce the softest sheets.


Preferable for cold climates, Flannel is a fluffy type of cotton fabric. It flawlessly traps body heat and makes you feel warm in cool weather. It is more durable than pure cotton fabric and softer than other materials. Also, it is plain or twill weave fabric and is measured in ounces per square feet while checking for quality.


Satin is one of the three necessary textiles weaves along with twill and plain weave. It has a glossy surface and a lustrous shine with a dull back. Also, it is softer to touch and has great elasticity. People love it as it is the finest blend of cotton. Aside from this fiber, satin is also manufactured with wool and silk.


Also known as ‘plain’ weave; percale is higher quality cotton. It has a smoother finish and a softer feel in comparison to other materials. With a thread count of over 200, it is most probably preferable for pillow covers and bed sheets. Also, this type is free from shine and washes quickly. You can select percale if you like to sleep in a cool environment.

Jersey Knit

Cotton jersey is common in the different types of fabric for bed sheets. Rather than weave, it is formed after knitting. This material is similar to cotton jersey T-shirts and people familiar to such tees prefer it. It is stretchable and gives a better look after fitting to the mattress. Also, it is an excellent choice for winters as it traps in heat.

Different Types of Fabric – Other Preferable Materials

Aside from cotton and linen, there are different types of fabric you will love for your bed. The selection of material is also dependent on your sleep. There are plenty of fibers people look for in the industry. Some of them are listed below.


The most luxurious materials in the world are silk. While it is produced by silkworms, its lavish feel is unbeatable and inviting. The bedding industry considers it as the most sensuous bed sheet fiber and lustrous to touch. Silk has its class in royalty and offers a cool slumber spot at night. Couples prefer it as the most romantic drape on mattresses and vote for its glossy texture.

Aside from this, silk is a hypoallergic material that helps in preventing any allergies. Also, if you are going through any allergic reactions, this fabric might help you feel easy overnight. There are only two considerable factors regarding this material. These include cost as silk is an expensive fiber. The other is maintenance due to its delicate nature.


Polyester is a product made from polymers. It is exactly the material utilized in plastic bottles and is a scratchy fiber. However, cotton and polyester blend to form an inexpensive and smooth fabric. It is unique in all the different types of fabric. You will always find it soft and strong as a type of bed sheet.

The only factor that keeps people away from this material is its tight nature that traps air and does not keep you cool during hot weather.

The Bottom Line

Among all the different types of fabric for bed sheets, pillow covers, blankets, and napkins; you can always find linen and cotton at the top. It is an excellent idea to look for all the varieties of material yet, you can always look forward to the best quality. Remember, a flawless bed sheet is always the one that gives you comfort every hour of the day.

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