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7 Amazing Ways To Save Electricity At Home



Save Electricity At Home

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The electricity and gas used by households is a significant contributor to the greenhouse gas emissions that have a very harmful effect on the environment. Now that you are stuck in quarantine, you might be feeling more conscious about the amount of electricity you use in your daily life.

But fret not, we will talk about elementary energy-saving techniques that you can follow to conserve energy. Read along to find out.

1. Reduce shower time

It might have never occurred to you, but taking quicker showers can help you save a lot of electricity, primarily when you use an electric shower and a water meter. Reducing your shower time by two minutes every day could save you around 19$ annually. Even getting the water warmed up for your bath takes in a lot of electricity. Shower from cold water can give your day a fresh start and save electricity at the same time.

2. Unplug devices that are not in use

Often we leave appliances plugged in even when they are not in use. Leaving devices plugged in, though turned off, would still use minuscule amounts of electricity. Individually, all these small appliances do not use much energy, but collectively they can contribute to wasting electricity. It is estimated that this energy to count as about 5% of total energy consumption.

Manually plugging and unplugging all these devices every day sounds like a hectic task. But fortunately, there’s a solution to this problem: power strips. Simply connect the appliances to this power strip and close it when they are not in use.

3. Turn off lights

As kids, we’ve all been scolded by parents when we left the lights switched on before leaving the house. Just how much does unnecessary closing lights save energy? It is said that by closing the 2100 watt bulbs for two hours every day can save about 12 dollars a year. Now imagine the amount of energy you can conserve by practicing this with all the lights you usually leave open.

The generally followed rule is to close any lights when you’re going to be away for more than 15 minutes. Small steps go a long way, think about how much energy you can conserve by just closing the lights you’re not using.

4. Avoid wasting energy on large appliances

Large appliances like your washing machine, dryer, geyser, and dishwasher contribute a lot to your monthly electricity bill. You can follow straightforward techniques to save energy. Make sure that your provider is the cheapest electric company so you can start saving on your monthly power bill. Try only running full loads to make sure you have to use them less often. Do laundry in cold water because warming up water would waste a lot of energy, your clothes will still be adequately washed.

If you can, try sun drying your clothes instead of using the dryer that often. That would save a lot of energy consumption and still have similar results. It is even advisable to sun dry your clothes to avoid damage. When using a dishwasher, you can skip the dry cycle as the utensils will dry out themselves. Stack the utensils properly to avoid having to start the dishwasher multiple times.

Save Electricity

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5. Use LED bulbs

If you are not using the correct bulbs, you might be using more energy than required. LED lighting uses around 75% less energy and lasts longer in comparison to incandescent bulbs. If you have not already switched, you should consider doing it soon. You will end up saving a lot of money through this.

Apart from smart bulbs, you should also consider investing in smart plugs too. Check out these benefits of LED bulbs.

6. Use your air conditioner properly

Nothing works better to get you relaxed after a warm day out than the cold air of your air conditioner. Even though air conditioning keeps your house cool during summers, it consumes more electricity than any other appliance in your home. You can save significantly if you make sure your air conditioner is maintained annually. Make sure your old ac unit is replaced.

Keeping your house well insulated and your ac filters clean are other ways to make sure you are saving electricity. Apart from that, operating aircon at temperatures between (22-25 degrees celsius) saves the most energy.

7. Go solar

There’s a lot of ways you can use to incorporate the benefits of solar power in your life. Installing solar panels may sound like a pricey investment, but it helps conserve energy in the long run. If you live in a state like Texas, you can also compare Texas energy companies to see which energy plan works best for you.

Going solar is very energy efficient and is practically free because the sun never fails to shine upon us every morning.

7 Amazing Ways To Save Electricity At Home

Photo by Vivint Solar on Unsplash


These are just a few ways that will help you save electricity. The key lies in using electricity smartly. Not only does it save your electricity bill, but it also helps mother nature in numerous ways. Following small and simple steps like these can go a long way in reducing your carbon footprint.

Happy saving!

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