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6 Gift Ideas to Surprise That Special Someone



6 Gift Ideas to Surprise That Special Someone

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All of us inevitably ask ourselves the same anxious question at one point or another: What in the world will I get so and so for their birthday/Christmas/important anniversary? There doesn’t necessarily have to be an important date looming – maybe we just want to surprise that special someone in our life, but we have absolutely no idea what to get them.

If this is you, take a look at these six gift ideas. You might not settle on one of our specific recommendations, but hopefully, they will at least spark an idea that will result in some all-around smiles.

1. A Subscription

Subscription boxes have been around for a while, yet they only seem to be getting better and better. From beer and whiskey to face masks and stationary (not to mention books and coffee), there is a subscription box for everyone.

The best thing about them is that they are literally the gift that keeps on giving. With a subscription box, your special someone will have something to look forward to every month (or every quarter). Just consider what they are passionate about and find a subscription they’ll love.

If a box is not to your taste, you can still subscribe them to a magazine. Even though most of us read up on our interests online, magazines are most certainly not extinct.

2. A Pamper Session

Self-care is incredibly important, yet so many of us simply don’t find the time for it or keep making excuses not to indulge ourselves. This is what makes pamper sessions such amazing gifts.

You can gift a voucher for a luxurious medical spa session, like a rejuvenating light and bright treatment, or a more general voucher for a treatment they can choose themselves. For example, you surely can’t go wrong with a full body massage or a full-on day at the spa.

Whatever you opt for, your special someone will appreciate the gesture and the mood boost that comes with the experience.

3. An Experience

Speaking of experiences, consider giving the gift of, well, an experience. Objects can make for fantastic gifts, but surprising someone with a memory can be priceless.

For example, you could take them on a trip (even if it’s just for the day). You could go see a show or a movie, go out to dine at a restaurant you’ve never been to, or go to an arcade. Maybe you sign them up for a class you know they’ll love and join them for the experience. These are just some good ideas – the point is that the act of doing something can be the best gift possible.

Try to choose an activity you know your special someone has perhaps wanted to try for ages but never found the time or could never justify the expense.

4. An Everyday Item

The most useful gifts are sometimes the most appreciated, so consider gifting your special someone something they will use on a daily basis. It will serve as a subtle reminder to think of you, and it can solve an immediate problem.

For instance, a nice pen can solve the “I can’t find a working pen anywhere” problem. You can also gift them a beautiful notebook to journal in or write down their daily to-do lists.

Anything goes in this category: from placemats and stylish wine glasses to new bath mats and a snazzy toothbrush. Just think back to what they’ve been complaining about recently or what could make their lives just a tad easier.

5. A Thought

Sometimes it’s not about giving an actual gift, but more about showing your love in a bit of a romantic, goofy, unusual way. Instead of considering a purchase, perhaps you can write a message of love?

Leaving thoughtful messages in obvious and less obvious places is a great way to make someone’s day. You can leave them on the mirror, in the fridge, in their wallet, in their sock drawer. Find a place they’re bound to look at during the course of the day.

You can also craft an entire jar of special messages and have your significant other take one out every morning. It’s a simple way to put a smile on their face and help make their day start well.

6. An Act of Love

Finally, while we’re on the subject of immaterial gifts, consider doing something for your special someone you know they will appreciate. You can run their laundry to the dry cleaners, tidy up the apartment, or give the car a wash and fill up the tank.

As love and affection are about so much more than giving thoughtful gifts, sometimes what you do can speak volumes. You know your special someone best; just think about their day and what you can do to improve it.

If they hate washing the dishes, perhaps you can do it for a whole week? It’s the thought that counts, as we are often told. So, focus your energy on considering what will put a big smile on their face, as opposed to the amount of money you’re going to spend.

Final Thoughts

We all love surprises. Sometimes, the simplest of things, like a bar of our favorite chocolate at the end of a long day, can make the world seem an infinitely better place.

If you’re looking to surprise that special someone in your life, put some genuine thought into it. Or, you might let yourself be completely spontaneous and just get them the one thing that reminded you of them when you saw it. The emotions you accompany the gift with will mean so much more.

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