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How to Create the Perfect Boho Chic Bedroom



How to Create the Perfect Boho Chic Bedroom

Photo by Devon Janse van Rensburg on Unsplash

It goes without saying that the bohemian style tends to dominate the modern-day and age. And it’s no wonder that most homeowners are absolutely captivated by this cutting-edge style as it represents freedom and sophistication. Nowadays, you can come across numerous pictures on how to alter your bedroom and create your very own boho-chic atmosphere. However, it’s not so easy to do so as there are many aspects to consider, from colors to specific details. If you don’t want to scavenger much throughout the Internet, here is a full text that will get you covered on how to create an immaculate boho bedroom.

Usher warm wall colors

To start with, aim to paint the walls seemingly timid so that you can splash out some other vivid color around the bedroom. Actually, there’s a strict rule as to what wall color you should or shouldn’t paint, however, you might want to stick to warm undertones so that you can incorporate other multi-colored details. Soft and warm wall hues such as off-beat white, beige, bright yellow, or soft cappuccino are ideal. Once you’ve painted the walls in pale colors, you’ll have an abundance of options to ravish the room with other details.

Upscale the artwork

Bohemian style is all about creativity, utter freedom, and nature. Wooden and nature-inspired accents are more than welcome. If you strive to upscale your bedroom to a perfect boho style, aim to hang genuine hand-crafted art like a fantastically carved animal skull. Check out the Skull Bliss official shop to see which of these unique art pieces will suit your bedroom the best. Basically, when it comes to bohemian art, anything that’s oversized and grandiose is acceptable. Hence, try to have wall-art and paintings spreading all over the wall, or hang Morrocan-inspired rugs, the list is endless.

Her majesty – the bed

The pivotal aspect of a bedroom is certainly the bed. As the bohemian style relies heavily on nature it’s only logical to have your bed made out of either wood or rattan material. When it comes to bed frames you can go for sophisticated vintage brass or even experiment with a rough pallet bed. The key is to stay open-minded and low key. Some prefer lower profile beds others platform beds, but simply aim to use natural elements. Later, use cotton sheets in various patterns and prints.

Embrace the forest elements

Take anything that nature gives you to perfect your boho bedroom. Use wooden and any other forest elements like plants and planters to complete the look. Think wooden rocking chair, Ottoman, the rough unfinished wooden bed frame, and the shelves. Place hanging air plants or potted plants. Don’t be afraid that you might overdo things, on the contrary, the more plants you insert the merrier. Succulents, various palms, philodendron, all of these plants will look ravishing in your bedroom.

Spruce up the boho vibe with patterns and a mix-matched look

Things don’t have to align and go together if you strive to renovate your home and have a fabulous boho sleek bedroom. Choose a patterned rug (and lots of it if you can), patterned duvet, and flowy patterned curtains, and simply spread them around. Infuse colorful throws and funky floor cushions and pillows in contrasting colors like royal blue, emerald green, or golden. You can play with textures as well to get a stunning mix-matched vibe. Place woven chandeliers, toss a comfy velvet pillow, add linen sheets or a knitted comforter.

Bring together common colors, patterns, and materials, hang majestic wall art or an extravagant copper-framed mirror, and just let your imagination go wild. To create the mesmerizing boho chic bedroom you need to think outside the box and you’ll undoubtedly succeed in perfecting the look.

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