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10 Amazing Ways to Maintain the Value of Your Used Car



10 Amazing Ways to Maintain the Value of Your Used Car

Image by Cicero7 from Pixabay

A brand new car always starts its journey of descending into depreciation the moment it leaves the car showroom fresh and new. Standing the test of time over the years, your favorite car always gets old no matter how much care you take.

The environmental damage and the wear-and-tear that it bears over the years end up deteriorating the car’s condition in the longer run. In the end, when you do decide to sell your used car, you are compelled to settle for an insanely low selling value.

However, just the way you strive to keep your house clean and in top-notch condition every day, doesn’t your used car deserve the same attention and love? Here we have compiled 10 simple yet intriguing ways with which you can preserve the value of your used Toyota Sequoia so that you can attract the best deal possible when you decide to part ways with it.

1. Visit your nearest service station

While regular maintenance may cost several bucks depending on your car’s model and condition, this effort eventually pays off in the longer run. The professionals at a car servicing station breathe fresh life into your old relic by performing the necessary procedures like changing the oil filter, air filter, engine oil, gear oil, AC filter, and others.

Regular servicing will solve any mechanical issues that plague your car and will ensure that the car functions smoothly. Thus, when the day of sale finally arrives, the buyer will certainly have no complaints regarding the perfect condition of your car. This way you can sweeten up the deal to a higher selling price once the buyer ‘test drives’ your vehicle.

2. Clean and scrub your car regularly

While cleaning may seem like a straightforward process for any car enthusiast, this process actually reduces your car’s age by a couple of years. So decide to take that day off and clean your car with your own hands, instead of stalling the process by waiting for a pleasant sunny day.

Clean your car at least twice a month with special car soap. Avoid using detergent as it can shave off the car’s essential wax. If you hate cleaning your car on your own, there is always the more sophisticated option of heading to a car wash.

Most car washes today offer advanced cleaning techniques like foam washing and steam cleaning to help you clean your car inside out. Also, wax your car mandatorily at least twice a year to remove all the blemishes and dirty spots and add a touch of sparkle for that extra impression.

3. Add a touch of fragrance

The way your car smells is often one of the deciding factors in establishing a decent first impression in your first interaction with the potential buyer. If the car gives off a hint of foul fragrance, it will be hard to convince the buyer into a good deal. Deodorize your car just after you finish the car cleaning process.

Invest in a decent perfume to keep the car smelling fresh. Keeping the interiors clean is also crucial to prevent your car from smelling foul. Buy those OEM rubber mats to absorb the water and salt in case you spill anything on the car’s carpet. Clean any crumbles of food and scrub your dashboard to keep everything sparkling clean and fresh.

4. Raise your car’s style quotient

Adding some stylish bits of accessories to raise your car’s style quotient is always a great idea. But make sure you don’t go too overboard with the flashy details. Add basic amenities like door protectors, side rubbing protective strips, bumper protectors, and window visors to raise the convenience level inside your car.

Say no to that flashy neon paint job or those aggressive front fenders or bumpers that you have had your eye on. These types of accessories only raise your car’s selling value and reduce the number of potential buyers that you may be getting.

5. Fix those tacky scratches and dents

Small dents are a common phenomenon especially in the hustle-bustle of the metropolitan areas. However, it takes no time for these dents to convert into something more sinister. This can potentially lower your car’s resale value, as these dents can make it seem that the car hasn’t been well maintained.

For small dents or scratches, use sandpaper to quickly cover up any irregularities. For large dents, you need to call up those paintless dent repair technicians. For a few hundred dollars, these guys can magically restore your car back to its original condition.

6. Change your tires

Tires are the very foundation of your vehicle, as they provide a contact point between the car and the road. Naturally, tires are subject to excessive wear and tear and can wear out quickly depending on your driving conditions and environment.

An extra set of wheels comes in handy in harsh winter conditions, increasing the traction and decreasing the chance of slipping on ice. Also, a nice set of tires conveys a message to the buyer that the car has been taken care of well.

7. Change your lights

Just like tires, your car’s headlights tend to deteriorate in quality as time passes by, thus reducing your outward visibility and increasing the likelihood of a crash. A fresh new set of headlights can make a world of difference to your car’s operating condition. Hence, it is necessary to keep them in top-notch working condition. Apart from the stock bulbs, you can also purchase the OEM bulbs available in the market, but keep in mind that they should match your car’s specifications.

8. Drive responsibly

Rash and aggressive driving only end up deteriorating your car’s running condition. Driving aggressively can put tremendous strain on your car’s mechanical parts and chassis, and also puts you at increased risk of getting involved in an accident and hence damaging your car.

Also, keep in check the number of miles you are covering on your odometer. If you drive your car around even for short daily errands, it might be high time to reconsider your options and instead go for a walk or use public transportation. This will save some wear and tear on your car and also spare you some extra savings.

9. Keep check of all the essential documentation and records

Maintaining all your car’s records properly proves vital in building a trustworthy relationship with your prospective buyer. Presenting a proven history of the car’s repair and maintenance records helps you to build upon that trust factor.

Keep track of all the necessary documentation like service record, history report, financial contract, owner manual, registration certification, and pollution certificate. By presenting all of them at the time of sale, you stand tall as an honest owner who has taken well care of his car, thus increasing the valuation of your car.

10. Avoid parking in direct sunlight

When you park your car under direct sunlight, the metallic paint is prone to lose some of its glamour. Parking in a nice shady spot maintains the glitter of your car. Besides, the seats and cabin stay cool and comfy. Alternatively in the winter, preheat your engine before you set out on your journey to optimize its performance. This practice adds some extra years to the engine’s lifespan, keeping it running in prime condition.

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