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Gooseneck to Fifth Wheel Adapter: Knowing How You Can Use It Before Purchasing



Gooseneck to Fifth Wheel Adapter Knowing How You Can Use It Before Purchasing

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You’ve just purchased a new RV and are ready to drive into the sunrise on your next camping adventure. But before you do, it’s essential to consider the correct type of hitch for your truck. An adapter converts a fifth-wheel trailer to fit a gooseneck ball, leaving the truck bed free when not towing. It also features a remote latch release to uncouple the coupler without entering the truck bed.

Weight Capacity

Many gooseneck adapters have a high load capacity. They can support 4,000 pounds of pin weight and up to 20,000 pounds of trailer. They are easy to install and come with safety chains. They also have a built-in cushioning system that prevents trailer sway and makes for a smoother ride. Most of these adapters are long tubes that extend from the kingpin assembly to the gooseneck hitch ball in your truck bed. They have a coupler on one end that fits over the gooseneck hitch ball, much like a standard gooseneck trailer hitch. These adapters can put a lot of stress on your truck’s frame and may cause it to bend or crack over time. The 5th wheel to gooseneck adapter is safer because they do not place a lot of stress on the pickup frame. These adapters are easy to install and have thousands of positive customer reviews. They are made of heavy-duty steel and have a powder coat finish to protect against corrosion.

Safety Chains

Safety chains are a necessity for any vehicle towing a trailer. They prevent the trailer from swinging into passing cars or mailboxes, and they are a legal requirement in most states. This option from PPL Motorhomes can be attached to the gooseneck ball and easily connected with the kingpin coupler.

Some RV owners use a Gen-y fifth wheel adapter to replace their gooseneck hitch. The gen-y system works well for long and short-bed trucks, does not void truck warranties, and is easy to install.

It is one of the market’s most popular fifth wheel to gooseneck adapters. It is rated to pull up to 24,000 pounds and has everything needed to install the kit. It includes a gooseneck anchor plate that attaches to the headpiece of the CrossWing adapter and can be secured to the truck bed over the gooseneck ball. It is simple to install and fits a standard square gooseneck ball in your truck bed.


A fifth-wheel-to-gooseneck adapter is a simple device that bolts onto the top of the fifth-wheel hitch on your camper and connects to the gooseneck ball in your truck bed. Most have a height-adjustable design and can tow up to 24k lbs of gross trailer weight. They also feature safety chains attached to the adapter plate and the gooseneck connection to catch your trailer in the event of disconnection or failure of the primary links. To use the device, back your truck up to align the kingpin coupler on the adapter plate with the gooseneck ball in your truck bed. Then, using the locking mechanism (which may involve latching or inserting locking pins), secure the adapter plate to the truck bed hitch. Afterward, you can hook your trailer to the adapter and head off on your next camping trip. The best thing about using an adapter is that it frees up space in your truck bed and saves your back from lifting a heavy fifth-wheel hitch assembly into place.


A gooseneck adapter helps RV owners save the strain of lifting a standard fifth-wheel hitch assembly into place. It also frees up space in the truck bed for other uses, making it easier to unhook a trailer. RV owners who use their trucks for multiple purposes, like pulling a livestock trailer one day and a camper the next, appreciate the simplicity of using this adapter. Many gooseneck to fifth wheel adapters come with a lifetime warranty. They also offer a variety of height adjustments for trucks and trailers. For example, the T Built adapter has a height range of 17 inches and can handle a 30,000-pound tow rating. It is essential to choose a gooseneck to fifth wheel adapter that has been tested and rated for the weight of your trailer. It’s also critical to have it installed correctly. If a gooseneck to fifth wheel adapter is not used properly, it can put extra stress on your truck and trailer frame, leading to damage.

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