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A Guide On How To Ship A Car: All You Need To Know



Guide On How To Ship A Car

Shipping a car from a distant seller or moving a car to another location can be daunting, especially when there’s no proper planning. While shipping a car can be overwhelming, the process can be seamless with the right car shipment company.

Automobile shipping companies can help transport vehicles over long distances, from one location to another. They save one the stress and time of driving long distances to transport a car. In this article, we will walk through how to ship a car, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience.

What’s Motor Vehicle Shipment?

Motor vehicle shipment is the process of transporting a vehicle from one location to another, especially over long distances. This is often used by those buying or selling a motor from a distant seller, relocating to a new location, or transporting a vehicle for business purposes.

Automobile shipment involves two main types: Open transport and enclosed transport. In the open transport method, vehicles are shipped in an open carrier, where they are exposed to elements such as rain, wind, and dust. The method is more affordable, it offers less protection to vehicles.

Enclosed transport involves shipping vehicles in an enclosed trailer, where they are protected from the elements and other potential damages on the road. This method is more expensive but provides a higher level of protection for the vehicle.

Step By Step Guide On Shipping A Vehicle

Safe shipment involves a series of delicate steps that can be challenging to map out in a snap. However, if you are looking to scope out how to ship a car—whether across a short or long distance—there are a few key steps to ensure, be you a novice to automobile shipment or not. Below are the steps to follow:

1. Choose A Reliable And Reputable Motor Shipment Company

Begin the process by thoroughly researching reputable automobile shipping companies with a strong record of success in the industry. Look for customer reviews and testimonials to gauge the experiences of others who have utilized their services. A reliable company will have a proven history of delivering vehicles safely and on time.

Additionally, check if the companies are properly licensed and registered with necessary bodies like the Department of Transport (DOT). The company should also be properly insured to ensure the motor’s protection throughout the shipment process.

2. Compare Quotes From Different Companies

After acquiring a list of potential automobile shipping companies, the next is to request and compare their pricing. Reach out to each company on the list with detailed information about the motor, the pick-up and delivery locations, as well as any specific requirements they may require.

When comparing quotes, don’t solely focus on the cost. Take into consideration the services offered, such as insurance coverage, delivery time frames, and other additional fees that may apply. A comprehensive understanding of the diverse quotes will help you pick the right company.

3. Prepare The Motor For Shipment

It’s important to prepare the motor for shipment after choosing an automobile shipment company. Begin by thoroughly cleaning the interior and exterior of the motor. Cleaning the motor properly will help you discover any existing scratches, dents, or other damages.

Additionally take out all personal belongings in the vehicle, because most auto shipping companies do not cover items left inside the vehicle. Properly preparing the motor vehicle will help you document the state of the car before it’s transported by the shipment company.

Visit for tips on how to prepare your motor for shipment.

4. Have a Joint Inspection With The Company

Guide How To Ship A Car

Conduct a comprehensive motor inspection alongside the car shipment representative, utilizing the documentation prepared earlier. Ensure mutual agreement on the recorded state of the vehicle and address any discrepancies. The joint inspection will serve as an important precautionary measure, establishing a transparent record of the car’s condition before shipment.

5. Track The Motor’s Shipment Process

When the company begins shipping the motor, ensure to track the progress. Reliable vehicle shipping companies offer tracking services. This will allow the monitoring of the real-time location and status of the vehicle as it moves from the pick-up point to the final destination. Regularly check the tracking updates to ensure that the vehicle is on schedule and progressing as expected.

6. Inspect The Motor Upon Arrival

When the vehicle has arrived, take the time to thoroughly receive and inspect it. Carefully examine the car for any damages or discrepancies that may have occurred during transportation. Use the initial inspection documentation to compare the current condition with the pre-shipping state.

When any issue is noticed, document them immediately and inform the car shipping company. Having a representative from the company present during the inspection can facilitate a smoother process. Be diligent in noting any potential damages, no matter how minor, to ensure proper resolution.

Learn about automobile inspection and how much it costs here.

Final Words

Shipping a car from one location to another can be overwhelming. However, with proper planning and the right motor shipping company, the process can be seamless and hassle-free. Go for a reliable and reputable vehicle shipping company with a sound track record in the industry. This will ensure that your vehicle is delivered promptly and safely.

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