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7 Top Bedroom Decorating Trends In 2022



7 Top Bedroom Decorating Trends In 2022

Photo by M&W Studios from Pexels

Even if you are on a budget, that does not mean you have to live in the same dreary bedroom from 2021. Give your bedroom the love and upgrade it deserves by bringing it firmly into 2022 with top decorating tips of the year.

If you don’t know where to start, you’re in luck. This article gives you the 7 best bedroom decorating trends for 2022. Scroll down for more.

7 Top Bedroom Decorating Trends For 2022

Indoor decor for 2022 can be summed up in one word: simplicity. You want the bedroom to be simple yet effective, nourishing but not overindulgent, and comfortable but not luxurious. Instead, you just want the room to be simple, inviting, and relaxing. Here are some trends that can help you accomplish the simplistic look of 2022 in your own bedroom:

1. Minimalism

Because 2022 is about simplistic styles, it’s no wonder that minimalism has become all the rage for bedrooms and indoor decor. Minimalism is about focusing on what you really need and taking away everything that you don’t. This creates a more relaxing and peaceful environment, free from any distractions.

When decorating your room, try to only decorate it with items that add value to the room. Don’t just look for decorations that look pretty on a shelf. Instead, look for decorations that are actually functional and not too busy looking.

By focusing on minimalism, your room will look very contemporary and clean, but it will also help to save you money. After all, you don’t have to buy any new decorations or items in order to have a minimalistic bedroom. It involves taking things away, not adding more things to the scene.

2. Neutrals

One way to really make your room look minimalistic is to select neutral colors. Neutral colors include white, tan, brown, black, grey, and other similar colors. Subdued pinks and greens can also be within the neutral scheme.

Just by adding a fresh coat of neutral paint and designing your room around neutral color schemes, your room will look very upbeat, modern, and clean. Primarily focus on the colors of your wall, bedding, and any other furnishing in your room.

3. Bring The Outdoors Inside

When you are looking for minimalistic decor, try to think about bringing the outdoors inside. Selecting decorations that look like the beautiful decorations outside can make your room still look minimalistic while adding a unique flair to it.

For example, you can use leaves, flowers, and wooden textures to add more life to the room without adding unnecessary distractions. By bringing the outdoors inside, the room does not look too busy or distracting, but it is still decorated and relaxing.

4. Add Seating

Top Bedroom Decorating Trends In 2022

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

One unique trend of 2022 is adding seating to the bedroom. Traditionally, bedrooms are used for sleeping, which means there aren’t seated areas. However, adding seating to your bedroom is not only attractive, but it is functional because it allows extra space to read or do work.

For example, selecting a cheap loveseat for bedroom is a great way to add seating in your room. It adds life and texture. It is perfect for you and your loved one to snuggle up in your newly decorated room!

5. Hidden Storage

Because you are going for a minimalistic style, try to utilize hidden storage options. Hidden storage will make your room look very clean and organized, all while giving your clothes and items a place to call home.

Hidden storage can be placed in your closet or under your bed. There are many organizational tips you can utilize. Some individuals even utilize different boxes and products that they find at dollar stores and transform them into chic, hidden storage.

6. Hygge

Hygge is a Danish concept that does not have a good translation in English, but the closest translation is coziness and contentment. The Danish use hygge in all parts of their life, including their decor. In 2022, hygge is becoming more popular in bedroom styling, even if the decorator is not familiar with the concept.

You can add hygge to your home by adding natural lighting, candles, comfy pillows, and comfy blankets. When you pair these hygge additions with a minimalistic style, you will have a comfortable room that is cozy, inviting, and relaxing.

7. Quality Over Quantity

Even though 2022 is about minimalism, it does not mean that you need a completely barren bedroom. On the contrary, think about quality over quantity. Having one spectacular throw pillow is better than having five shoddy throw pillows.

So, think about the quality of the item you are purchasing before you purchase it. This will help you stick to the minimalistic design while still adding your own flair and personality to the room. If the product is not high quality, do not buy it.

To bring all of these tips together, try to find high-quality natural and hygge decorations to design a minimalistic bedroom that is still warm and inviting.

Final Thoughts

Remember: keep your bedroom minimalistic but warm and inviting. Not only will this bring your bedroom into 2022, but it will help you save some money since you don’t have to buy unnecessary clutter!

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