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Give Your Bedroom a Luxury Touch – 15 Little Things for Huge Transformation



bedroom interior design - luxury touch - ideas

Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash

It’s often believed that luxury equals expensive. However, that may be further from the truth than you think, especially if you set your creativity free. This means that you can do a makeover of your bedroom on a budget and still have it look worthy of royalty.

Giving your bedroom a luxury touch is not only about visual enhancements, but also you need to pay attention to the fabrics and materials you use. After all, on a 24 hour day, you spend at least one-third of it in your bedroom, getting rest your body and mind need to be in the best shape. To help you with this, we have prepared 15 little things for a huge transformation that will give you the luxury you deserve.

1. Use lighting fixtures for statement

While natural light plays an important role in luxurious décor, you can achieve a lot with glamorous lighting fixtures. Lamps with a gold and silver finish will give your bedroom attractive bling, while glass and crystal fixtures will breathe in elegance. When in doubt, always go for the lamp or chandelier with an interesting shape since it can bring an artsy element to the room.

2. Give your walls a luxurious makeover

Painting walls or covering them with wallpapers should be a must-do of a bedroom makeover. White walls are elegant and perfect for minimalist interiors, but the absence of color can affect the luxurious feel you want to achieve otherwise. Instead, observe what colors and designs will fit the overall décor of your bedroom.

Moreover, you don’t have to paint all the walls in the same colors and shades. You can use lively and colorful wallpaper, for example with large leaves for the wall behind your bed, but paint all other walls in a neutral color. Although grey and beige are commonly deemed sophisticated, you can achieve the same luxury with green, blue, and orange shades.

bedroom luxury interior design idea

Photo by Rachel Claire from Pexels

3. Let the nightstand shine

Nightstands may be functional, but they can contribute a lot to your luxurious design. For example, a shiny finish made from mirrors or metallic paint can bring grandeur to your bedroom. If you are for something less flamboyant, opt for brass hardware on the wooden doors and drawers.

However, the first thing you should do won’t cost you a penny. Decluttering your nightstand will open up that area more, freeing space for a decorative item, a scented candle, or an interesting lamp.

4. Choose your headboard to stand out

You don’t have to buy a new bed! All you can do is change the headboard into a luxuriously looking one. It can be an inexpensive way to add glam to your bedroom, although you still need to pay attention to its color and material. Soft fabrics, like velvet, are classy and chic, although you can go for a massive or carved wooden headboard or a metallic one for a more modern look.

5. Pick the colors with a luxurious touch

We already established that wall color is an important element of bedroom design. But color in general has this effect and can contribute a lot to creating relaxing vibes in the space. Neutral shades invoke calmness and serenity, something everyone expects from their bedroom.
Soft colors, like pale blue or creamy white, bring refinement and grace, giving the overall sense of luxury. If you want to make the room more layered, add a splash of earthy tones, like a warm brown carpet or a dark green bedspread made from silk-like fabric.

6. Introduce a seating arrangement

If you have a large bedroom, you can arrange the furniture so it leaves a place for a seating arrangement, preferably by the window. A bench at the foot of the bed is also welcoming and commonly found in luxurious hotels and celebrity homes. A lounge chair is an excellent spot to read or relax with a face mask, just make sure not to clutter it with clothes and magazines.

bedroom interior design ideas - bedroom luxury design

Image by Zandria Ross from Pixabay

7. Place a soft throw blanket on the bed

A throw blanket is not an unusual item in the bedroom, but if you want to give it a luxury touch, you should invest in its fabric and design. A chunky knit wool blanket is a stunning addition to your bed, characterized by fluffiness and rustic vibes.

If you are interested in something more modern, look for models with fake fur or made from delicately shiny fabrics. Just remember to fold your blanket at the lower part of the bed and let it fall to the floor on the sides.

8. Create a decadent look with pillows

When you think of a luxurious bedroom, usually one of the first things that come to mind is piles of pillows on the bed. This decorative style gives your bed a cozy and lavish look, especially if you mix silk pillowcase with velvet headboards.

Combine different sizes of pillows, starting with larger ones and finishing with two or three smaller ones in the front. To avoid tackiness, follow the rule of not allowing your pillow arrangement to take more than a quarter of the bed surface.

9. Invest in quality linens

Luxurious design surpasses visual senses. It includes the way your bedroom smells and feels to the touch, as well. This is why bed linens should be pristine and cozy so that when you go to sleep, you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud.

It’s not important how many threads are in the fabric of your sheet, but rather how it feels on your skin. The best fabric for bed linens is cotton, freshly laundered and pressed with essential oils, like rose or lavender to fall asleep better. Besides percale and Egyptian cotton, you can use satin and silk which are more expensive, but equally natural.

10. Accentuate the good in your bedroom

Sometimes your bedroom doesn’t need a full makeover, but a touch-up here and there. To make it easier on yourself, accentuate the special elements of your space. Take advantage of already present architectural design, like high ceilings or big windows. For example, a few wooden beams or a large chandelier can make the tall ceiling more grandiose and majestic.

11. Mount the curtains higher

When it comes to windows, no matter how high they are, you should always hang the curtain just a few inches below the ceiling. This will make the walls more elegant and give your bedroom the illusion of being bigger than it is.

Also, bring luxury to the windows by layering your fabrics properly, with sheer curtains closer to the glass and blackout drapes over them. For a more convenient solution, you can install blinds that are easier to clean than drapes and allow you to control the level of privacy and light.

bedroom luxury interior design ideas

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

12. Think of the details

Details may seem like non-essential decorations, but they can contribute greatly to the feel of the room. A crystal carafe and glass will not only keep help you quench your thirst but add a luxurious note to your nightstand.

Mirrors on each side of the headboard will make the walls glitzy and give depth to the space, which is especially useful for small bedrooms. If you decide to use this detail, choose mirrors with interesting frames and unusual shapes to add to the unique bedroom design.

13. Hang your favorite artwork

The living room is not the only place to hang artwork. So, go around your home and see how you can redistribute the artwork and relocate some of it to your bedroom.

Usually, an art piece is placed above the headboard. But, you won’t make mistake if you put it on your nightstand, other walls, or anywhere it seems fit. Statues, paintings, photographs, and other art can elevate the space, giving it a rich and resonant atmosphere.

14. Leave fresh flowers

Probably the last thing on your mind when it comes to luxury touch is leaving a vase of fresh flowers in your bedroom. However, this can have a huge impact on the design of the room and the way it makes you feel.

The best part is that you don’t need large and expensive bouquets, but the seasonal flowers will do as long as you are not allergic to their pollen. Varieties with large blooms, like peonies may be a better choice for a luxurious setting, but classic flowers, like roses, are always a stylish option.

bedroom interior design ideas - bedroom luxury

Photo by Kim van Vuuren from Pexels

15. Style with clutter

Believe it or not, there is a thing called organized clutter. This is a good kind of clutter that doesn’t make the bedroom messy but gives it character and appeal.

For example, a few magazines and books stacked on the nightstand or a shelf can make the bedroom more personal. On the other hand, your clothes on the floor will destroy any possibility of adding a luxury touch to your bedroom.

The bottom line

Giving your bedroom a luxury touch is not about splurging on designer and expensive pieces or doing extensive renovations. A few details and some rearrangement of furniture may do the trick for you. If still, you need to add new items to your bedroom, always pay attention to quality and style, rather than spending a lot. After all, luxury is not only in what you see but what you feel with your other senses.

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