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9 Best Ways to Improve Customer Retention for your Website



9 Best Ways to Improve Customer Retention for your Website

As more businesses are using the online medium to enhance their revenues, it is becoming more competitive to increase customers. The cost per acquisition for new customers is rising, and with the market being competitive, it is hurting their overall profits. As a result, businesses are increasingly looking for more unique ways to increase business, and retaining customers is an easier way out.

While it is difficult to attract new customers, it is worth using your reputation and inducing your earlier customers for repeat purchases. Of course, there must be adequate trust factors, and you must install an SSL certificate to ensure data security. Visitors also prefer to visit safe websites and transact with them. In this article, we will discuss some of the ways you can retain customers.

#1. Providing A Guest Login

Many customers do not prefer to register at the first attempt. However, what will you do to ensure that the guest can have a seamless visit through the website? You can provide them with a guest account that they can use to complete a transaction online. When it comes to securing the in-transit customers’ PII between the web browser and the client-server one cannot overlook the importance of installing an SSL certificate. If you have multiple first-level subdomains to secure in addition to the primary domain, we suggest going for a wildcard cert. If you are looking for a cheap yet premium wildcard SSL cert, you could go for the geotrust wildcard ssl. Also, ensure a faster and simpler checkout process for these sets of visitors.

You can also allow these one-time customers to continue as members by enabling them to register using the identification of their first purchase. You can also extend additional facilities like enrolling them for your loyalty plans. They can also be assured of faster payments by remembering their payment option.

#2. Sending Targeted Mailers

Most businesses fail to send targeted mailers and newsletters to their customers. Hence, it leads to lower open rates. You must assess your customers based on the purchases they have made. It will help you to send targeted campaign mailers and newsletters that can lead to better conversion rates.

You can follow up with the customers after their first purchase with a targeted discount. It can also be a mailer reminding them of a repeat purchase as they may soon run out of the product they bought. A request for refilling their cart can also be a great way of retaining customers.

#3. Use Trust Factors On The Site

Most users will abandon the website if they are unable to find the padlock on the address bar. Therefore, it helps to install an SSL certificate that can enhance the trust factor of your website. It is also mandatory for websites to install a certificate to allow online transactions.

The SSL certificate allows an encrypted communication channel with the web server that prevents any data breaches. Some of the certificates also come with a Trust Seal that you can apply on the checkout page. In addition, you can get hold of a cheap wildcard ssl to secure several first-level sub-domains along with the chosen main domain of the website. A scalable and future-proof option, it facilitates easy certificate management as you do not need to install separate single-domain SSL certificates for each new subdomain that you add.

#4. Continuous Social Listening

Businesses must always listen to their customers. At times, you may even find them voicing their concerns online at different social media channels. These interactions can also provide valuable insights for enhanced customer support activities while assuring customers that their issues are being heard.

Most concerns raised by customers on social media go unanswered. It will help your brand if you address the concerns upfront. Have a subtle way of accepting if there were any mistakes from your end. Try to rectify them fast, which can help in retaining the customer.

#5. Create Targeted Offers

Many businesses have a wrong notion that a one size fits all plan will address all their offers. First, you must understand the demographics of your target market. Then, it can give an overview of their thought process and buying patterns.

Once you understand more about them, you can create customized offers. You can put them up on your website too. Always use CRM software that can help to understand the trends better. A special offer can help to induce repeat purchases and loyalty in future.

#6. Tracking The Buying Behaviour Of Customers

It is understandably challenging to judge the buying behaviour of your clients. However, it is one way of finding out the liked products by a particular set of products. There are several advanced software that can help you analyze the buying trends.

Your managers must assess the website sections, and the product pages mostly visited by a particular section of their audience. The interactions with the support team can also provide valuable insight.

#7. Using A Proper Marketing Mix

It may not help by only creating a beautifully designed website. It would be best if you utilized the benefits of social media to the fullest. Putting up interactive posts can increase the impressions needed for your brand and raise brand awareness.

Also, create related blog posts and publish them on different channels. They can also be a means of bringing more visitors to your website and induce repeat purchases. Always remember to create the personas of your audience that will help you to create targeted content.

#8. Improve The Customer Support Team

Your customers love to be pampered. Ensure that you have the requisite means and allow the customers to reach out to you. The email and phone numbers must be placed in proper positions on the website.

Train your customer-facing team regularly with the best practices of interacting with your customers. It is suggested that you provide several avenues for the customers to reach out to you. For example, using a chatbot to interact with your customers can resolve several of their problems and queries.

#9. Communicate Often With Your Customers

Customers prefer brands that communicate regularly with them. Therefore, it must not only be limited to sending mailers requesting the additional purchase. Brands must also indulge in educating the customers and informing them of newer products when they arrive.

A simple email or message wishing birthdays or anniversaries can help to increase the connection with your clients. In addition, you can have a communication calendar in place with automated email workflows to reach out to your customers. It can also help to create opportunities for up-selling or cross-selling various products to your customers.


Businesses find it more expensive to onboard new customers than to induce repeat purchases from their erstwhile customers. These customers have already purchased and used the products and are aware of their benefits. There must be adequate trust factors in place to ensure the customers continue to transact on your website.

It is also essential for websites to install an SSL certificate to ensure data security and enthuse trust in the minds of their customers. We have discussed some of the ways you can induce repeat purchases from your customers.

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