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How Do Metal Powder Coating Guns Work?



metallic powder coating

A metal powder coating gun is an electrostatic gun that gives an electrostatic charge to the coating powder to give a high-quality finish to industrial products. The coating offers a better look, feel, and functionality to the product. The coating guns provide a thicker and more durable layer than other types of coating, such as spray coating.

Metal powder coating is the process used to dry coat metal, steel, plastic, or concrete, especially in industrial plants. It is done for several reasons, such as hardening plastic, aesthetic value, or increasing the material’s durability. The process of metal powder coating requires a coating gun.

How Do Metal Powder Coating Guns Work?

A coating gun works by expelling coating powder using compressed air. The coating powder is a non-conductive material, and that means it can’t be internally charged and only be externally or electrostatically charged. The inside of the coating gun has a high voltage discharge that electrostatically charges the coating powder particles.

There are two ways in which electrostatic charging happens, either by Tribo Charging: the use of friction for charging or by Corona charging, which is electronic charging using 100 kilovolts of electricity. The compressed air pushes the coating powder through the barrel of the coating gun, where it is charged and ready to be applied on a surface.

The electronic charging of particles works well with a wide variety of powder, unlike friction charging which only works with select powders. Generally, Corona charging guns are the best powder coating guns because they can be used with virtually almost any type of coating powder. After the coating has been applied on the metal surface, the coated object is then placed in a curing oven or dried with ultraviolet light, melting the layer to form a tough film that blends well with the coated surface. The curling helps strengthen the powder bonds with the surface, ensuring that the metal coating stays longer.

Are Metal Powder Coating Guns Expensive?

No, they are not. Metal powder coating gun is available at an affordable price. There are different types and qualities depending on the manufacturer. It is essential to ensure that you conduct your research before buying one to avoid buying a powder gun that won’t serve your needs. You can read online reviews or professional advice from an experienced person before buying one. It is recommendable to purchase a professional-grade metal powder gun because it is more reliable, durable, and provides high-quality results.

It is also vital to ensure that you read through the manufacturer’s instructions manual before using the coating gun. You should also wear the correct gear to ensure that you don’t put your health at risk. It would be best if you also dedicated an area, preferably a booth, where you set up your equipment, such as the metal coating guns and the curling oven. Designating a space for such use makes it effective for organization and cleanliness.

Final Thoughts

A metal powder coating gun is an electrostatic gun used to apply a metal coating on surfaces. It uses either friction or an electronic charging system to charge the coating powder before applying it to a substance. It is important to ensure that you conduct adequate research when purchasing coating guns to get a desirable gun that serves you right.

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