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10 Gift Ideas for Your Anxious Friend



10 Gift Ideas for Anxious Friend

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Anxiety affects everyone regardless of age or circumstance. The pandemic has certainly shown us that. Friends, loved ones and colleagues all have different ways of dealing with stress, but some fare better than others. For some, stress can cause extreme anxiety that can be more than a stressful day. It can be a crippling one filled with panic attacks and more. If you have a friend who suffers from high amounts of stress and anxiety, let them know you care. Below are 10 gift ideas for friends who struggle with anxiety.

1. A Stuffed Animal

Hugging a stuffed animal can relieve stress in the same way a hug from a loved one can. And kids and adults alike can appreciate a cute stuffed animal. So present them with a cuddly stuffie they can hold when anxiety creeps up. Does your friend live far away? Send them a stuffed animal care package complete with a personalized note to encourage them through anxiety-inducing times. It’s sure to brighten their day! If you are looking for unique options, you can check out my bio for more information on a stuffed animal company that gives back.

2. Essential Oils, Incense and Candles

Scents can calm the nerves and soothe our worries. Essential oil diffusers, incense or even a candle can be a wonderful gift for a friend who struggles with anxiety. Pick from any of the top calming scents like lavender, jasmine, sweet basil, bergamot or even a vetiver to infuse their atmosphere and relieve their anxiety. An essential oil diffuser makes a nice gift, but if you prefer something smaller, think incense along with a burner dish or a candle and wick trimmer or set of matches.

3. An Anxiety Bracelet

Another great gift idea for friends with anxiety is an anxiety bracelet. There’s a few different varieties of anxiety bracelets. Many have beads that target the acupressure points along the wrist, often used in Chinese medicine. Other anxiety bracelets simply offer a series of lava rock beads that can be played and fidgeted with to offer focus in times of stress. One benefit of porous beads? You can dab a calming essential oil into it. It’s the perfect on-the-go diffuser!

4. A Soothing Tea Gift Box

Gift Ideas for Your Anxious Friend

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A warm cup of tea is an excellent gift for an anxious friend. Much like essential oils and candles, there are also some wonderful teas that can calm the nervous system. Think peppermint, chamomile and lavender-infused tea leaves. So pick up anxiety-reducing teas, complete with a jar of honey, a tea strainer (if it’s a loose leaf tea) and maybe even a cup for them to enjoy.

5. A Weighted Blanket

If you know someone who struggles from anxiety, a weighted blanket is a very thoughtful gift. Through pressure therapy, a weighted blanket (roughly anywhere from 5 to 30 pounds) reduces the body’s cortisol production that typically elevates during times of stress. These scientifically-backed blankets and stuffed animals work very similarly, like receiving a hug! For a friend who suffers from panic attacks, a weighted blanket and a cute stuffed animal is the perfect pairing!

6. A Stress Ball to Squeeze

A stress ball is an easy gift idea for an anxious friend who likes to let their frustrations out in a more physical way. Choose a squeezable stress ball that can be customized with their name and favorite color – or choose a stress ball shaped like something cute like a frog whose eyes pop out when you give it a squeeze. A stress ball can be more than just a store-bought gel-filled stress ball, too. Anything you can squeeze in your palms works the same. For example, potter’s clay or a dough-making kit! There’s even therapy dough!

7. A Subscription to Meditation Apps

A subscription to an app that helps with anxiety can be a gift that keeps on giving. Some of the best apps for anxiety include Calm and Headspace. Calm is perfect for anxious friends because it offers sessions that cover meditations, sleep, gratitude and other anxiety-busting techniques. Headspace gets a bit more introspective, touching on specific topics that may be spurring anxiety (politics, body image and even death) and teaching ways to meet them head on. Whatever anxiety app you choose, it will teach valuable skills to help improve their lives.

8. A Coloring Book or Creative Outlet

10 Gift Ideas for Your Anxious Friend

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Speaking of apps, Colorfy is a great coloring app for friends who appreciate coloring books as a way to calm themselves. While focused on coloring, they are meditating and performing breathing exercises subconsciously. Apps aside, there are countless physical adult coloring books available, if they prefer a tech-free experience. From flowers to mythical creatures and their favorite TV series, you can find an adult coloring book on just about anything! If your friend would prefer, get them another creative outlet to focus on like a puzzle.

9. A Journal

Journaling is often a therapist’s first suggestion in dealing with anxiety, depression and more. Your friend may even already write in a journal, which makes the gift even better. So pick up a beautiful journal so that they may continue on their path to better mental health. A nice pen or set of colored pens makes a great addition to the gift, too. Also, slip in a heartfelt note to offer encouragement.

10. A Playlist of Relaxing Ambient Sounds

One gift you can present to an anxious friend is a personalized playlist with relaxing music and ambient sounds. In fact, this is a great gift for those on a budget, like college students who want to help a stressed out friend during finals. Whether they prefer Spotify or Apple Music, create a playlist of calming ambient music they can easily listen to with their earbuds anywhere! It could even stop a panic attack from happening in public!

Giving Relieves Stress, Too!

Did you know that gift-giving can also be a stress reliever for you, too? That’s right! When someone gives a gift, it simply makes you feel good. And this mood-boosting feeling in turn reduces your anxiety levels. It’s a win-win!

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