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3 Trends Taking Over the Wedding Industry



3 Trends Taking Over the Wedding Industry

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After an almost two-year hiatus, weddings are back in full swing, with the Global 2022 Wedding Trend Report defining the industry as “optimistic” and many venues, events planners, florists, and photographers having fully booked agendas until 2023 and beyond. Couples who decided to postpone their weddings until happier times are reaping big rewards. No longer do they have to host excessively restricted or tiny weddings. Today, it’s all about spending big and celebrating one of the most joyful days in a couple’s life with family and friends. If you have just gotten engaged and you are wondering what is “hot” in the romantic world of weddings, read on to discover 3 top trends.

Destination Weddings

Couples are now looking forward to hosting destination weddings again, thanks to the lifting of so many travel restrictions across the globe. Top destinations include the Amalfi Coast, the Greek Islands, and Mexico being favored by couples with a passion for beach life. These seaside oases fit in perfectly with another big trend in terms of wedding styling—the boho chic look. As such, many couples are holding their receptions on long wooden tables on the shore. Décor and bridal bouquets feature vintage mustard roses, wild grasses, and other boho details.

Personalized Ring Choices

Reading up on celeb news is always a great way to obtain inspiration for wedding and engagement ring styles. It’s all about personalization instead of following set rules. As such, many couples are opting for unique gemstones such as morganites, white sapphires, colored sapphires, tanzanites, and tsavorites instead of classic diamonds for their engagement rings. Wedding bands are also taking on a bespoke flavor. Forget about stock yellow gold wedding bands and look into the array of new designs in materials such as white, black, or gray tungsten carbide; sparkling pavé diamond bands, and twisted diamond and gold bands. The key is to opt for jewelry you would actually buy and wear, even if you weren’t tying the knot.

Sustainable Outdoor Weddings

Nature has played a vital role in humans’ lives over the past couple of years, offering welcoming respite from the stress and anxiety caused by the health situation. The result is a greater appreciation for the Great Outdoors, which are also the safest choice for big celebrations in these times. Couples are opting for garden and beachside weddings under beautiful white tents surrounded by relaxation or party areas with Balinese beds. Sustainability is present in the choice of food, with more plant-based options being offered. Couples are also embracing green fashion, with many choosing sustainable materials or wearing pre-loved fashion that is slightly altered. Dried, fabric, and paper flowers are also more of a reality when it comes to décor, thanks to the big carbon footprint posed by the fresh flower industry.

The wedding industry is doing a roaring trade after two of the most challenging years it has known. Couples are once again feeling freer to travel, and many are heading to paradisiacal beachside destinations in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. They are also keen on celebrating their big day outdoors and incorporating a host of sustainable measures to lower the carbon footprint of their event.

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