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Prepping for a Road Trip? Try These Trusted Travel Apps



Prepping for a Road Trip Try These Trusted Travel Apps

Photo by KM L from Pexels

Now that Americans are back to traveling, they are relying more and more on travel apps. But, with so many on the marketplace, which do you trust? Traveling to a new city or different part of the country can be daunting, and intimidating. The good news is, there’s a travel app for practically anything and everything you need while on the road.

Once your destination is set, make sure to be prepared with not only your itinerary, maps (because GPS is not always reliable), but also check that your car is running properly and can handle many miles on the road. If you’re unsure if your current policy is right for you, review it and then search for car insurance quotes that will potentially lower your rates and increase your coverage, because you can never be too prepared while traveling.


Hotels can get boring! Shake it up a little bit and opt to stay in a real home. You can choose your destination dates and filter the results based on the home type you desire, price, and amenities. You can even book last minute and search for the various properties that don’t require pre-approval. You also have the ability, through the app, to contact your host and change your reservation. The AirBnB app also provides information on local activities and experiences nearby where you’ll be staying.


Are you planning the quintessential road trip? This app will plan out your driving route and also allows you to book the hotels and various activities during your journey. Users love this app because it helps them find roadside attractions that are a little bit off-the-beaten-path, as well as landmarks and restaurants you won’t want to miss.


Packing can be one of the most stressful aspects of any trip. So many questions arise: How much do you take? What do you take? What will the weather be like? PackPoint takes into account the length of the trip, the weather that’s expected in your destination city, and also any activities you might have planned along the way. It will even take into account if you have access to laundry facilities along your route, so you can count on washing what you pack, and wearing the items more than once.


When traveling, there’s no better way to get a taste for the culture than meeting up with the locals. The Meetup app allows you to join in various themed groups while you’re away. Do you and your partner love to practice yoga? Or maybe you’d like to go wine tasting with a group? There are even meetups that are family oriented, so everyone can join in. This app is a gateway to having fun, meeting new people, and making long lasting friends.

Google Maps

Road Trip Try These Trusted Travel Apps

Image by Photo Mix from Pixabay

Getting around a new city can be difficult; each seems to have its own quirks and traffic patterns. Google Maps serves as your trusted copilot each and every step of the way. You can get walking directions from your hotel to your chosen restaurant, information on ride services, public transportation, and more. You can save your favorite restaurants and activities, and even write reviews of these places to help other visitors choose wisely.

Gas Buddy

Available in the U.S., Canada, and Australia, Gas Buddy helps you find gas prices via location. Instead of being at the mercy of wherever your route takes you, if you can save a couple of dollars by heading a little ways down the road, Gas Buddy will tell you. This app can be used in real time as an app or by visiting the Gas Buddy website.


Just because you’re away from home and away from the familiar, doesn’t mean your outdoor time must be sacrificed. AllTrails is a wonderful resource for finding trailheads at your destination, complete with maps, directions, and pictures. The pro version is about $30 a year, but if you’re into hiking, walking, and being in the great outdoors (and America has an endless supply of it!) then the AllTrails app is made especially for you.

Hotel Tonight

If you are one of those travelers who loves living by the seat of their pants, Hotel Tonight is the app for you. Some people delight at the idea of drifting wherever the wind takes them, and this app accommodates with steep discounts for last minute hotel reservations. It also offers the ability to book in advance, too, for those who like that peace of mind.

Smart phones truly live up to their name when you incorporate travel apps. If you anticipate having spotty Wi-Fi along your route, consider downloading information (like maps and travel routes) to make the experience more seamless. Always be prepared for your road trip with proper vehicle maintenance, and the best insurance coverage to keep your adventure as fun and worry-free as possible.

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