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7 of the World’s Best Motorcycle Rides



Best Motorcycle Rides

Photo by Gaetan THURIN from Pexels

Driving a car and riding a bike may seem similar to ordinary folks, but as a biker, you know that they cannot be compared. Hopping on your motorcycle gives you a unique sense of freedom and allows you to be completely yourself. If riding your bike and exploring new roads is your favorite activity, you have come to the right place. Let’s take a look at some of the best motorcycle rides you need to experience for yourself.

1. Canada

World's Best Motorcycle Rides - Nova Scotia Canada

Image by YvM from Pixabay

Want to visit Nova Scotia? If so, do not miss your chance to check the Cape Breton Highlands mountain range with a gorgeous National Park. The trail that surrounds it is called the Cabot Trail, and this loop is 135 miles long. While it will take your breath away, keep in mind that you should only take your bike for a spin when the weather conditions allow it. During bad weather, Cabot Trail is not recommended, even if you are an experienced biker.

2. Colorado

World's Best Motorcycle Rides - colorado

Image by steiny2008 from Pixabay

If racing motorcycles make your heart beat faster, just wait until you check out the Schofield Pass. This ride is not for rookies, and even skillful bikers need to bring their A-game. The ride in the Rocky Mountains has claimed more than a dozen lives since the narrow road is located on the mountainside that drops straight down into the Crystal River Canyon. If you are looking for an adrenaline rush, this ride is for you. Just be really, really careful.

3. Italy

World's Best Motorcycle Rides - Stelvio Pass - Italy

Image by xuuxuu from Pixabay

Romantic Italy is not ideal just for the honeymooners, but also for bikers who are searching for amazing rides. So, what does this country have to offer? The 9,045-foot Stelvio Pass is famous among motorcycle fans since this pass in the Alps includes 48 hairpin turns, as well as a lot of curves and tunnels.

4. California

Best Motorcycle Rides - Big Sur Highway - California

Image by harleyufo from Pixabay

Summer or winter, the Big Sur Highway is always gladly visited by eager riders. If rains do not cause any landslides, even during the winter you can enjoy countless curves surrounded by breathtaking mountains on one side and the ocean on the other side. The road features two lanes, so if you want to soak in the view, stop and then look, otherwise, you could put yourself in harm’s way.

5. Mexico

Best Motorcycle Rides - Copper Canyon Mexico

If the Grand Canyon and its size leave you in awe, then you should definitely check out Copper Canyon. It is bigger than the Grand Canyon, and you can opt for an independent ride to the mining town of Batopilas or a guided tour where a vehicle would carry your baggage. If you wish, you can turn around at Batopilas, or leave the canyon by crossing two big rivers.

6. Georgia

Best Motorcycle Rides - Two Wheels of Suches

Are you looking for some amazing twisty roads? Then you need to visit the Two Wheels of Suches campground in the Chattahoochee National Forest. It is no wonder that this lodge has hosted countless motorcyclists since from there you can easily reach hundreds of miles of two-lane roads. State Route 180, State Route 60, and U.S. Route 129 are just some of them, so put this place on your map.

7. New Zealand

Best Motorcycle Rides - South Island of New Zealand

Image by Jürgen Schilke from Pixabay

The South Island of New Zealand is a haven for motorcycle lovers. This place is not crowded with people, there is very little traffic, and, most importantly, there are great roads leading you through mesmerizing New Zealand Alps, Milford Sound, and Queenstown, where you can bungee jump and engage in other fun activities. If you are wondering where to spend your winter vacation, this is definitely a great option.

There are hundreds of amazing roads worldwide, and these should definitely be on your bucket list.

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