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5 Things To Know Before Traveling In Canada



Things To Know Before Traveling In Canada

Are you planning your next trip and considering Canada as a destination? If so, you’ll be happy to hear that Canada has just about everything a visitor needs: from huge national parks to historic cities to shopping malls, there’s nothing left out.

Even though Canada is close to the US, traveling to Canada requires some preparation. There is some important information about Canada that will be very useful for your vacation.

This article will analyze all the Covid regulations and documents that you should get as an American coming to Canada.

At the end of this 5-minute reading, you will also know why the size and temperatures in Canada should affect your preparation, as well as some important characteristics of Canadians.

Whether you’re traveling with kids or alone, a trip to Canada (like any other country) requires some preparation. Let us take a closer look at the 5 most important things you should know about Canada before visiting this fascinating country:

1. Check the Canada Travel Restrictions for Covid

Given the Covid situation and the constant lockdowns, the question, “Can U.S. citizens enter Canada?” is more than reasonable. Well, even though the rules are changing, by early 2022, travel is once again a part of our lives and Canada is no exception.

Before traveling to Canada, check the country’s official website regularly for information on coronavirus and contact your airline. The Canadian government has also set up a travel restrictions website where you can answer some questions to determine if you can enter Canada.

5 Things To Know Before Traveling In Canada

By answering some questions for yourself and your family, you will find out if you can travel to Canada in the near future. As of February 2022, vaccination is required for entry into Canada (exceptions can be found here).

2. Canada is a Huge and Cold Country

Canada is a big country. Really big. In fact, it’s the second largest country in the world after Russia. That’s one of the first things you need to consider before you visit.

Most of the big cities are scattered far and wide and you would need many months to explore them fully. Therefore, it is a wise decision to limit yourself to one big city and its surroundings, especially if you are visiting Canada for only a week or so.

Another important piece of information you should know about Canada is that it is cold. Even if you visit Canada in the summer, you should expect sudden drops in temperature, especially at night.

If you exclude the west coast of Canada (British Columbia), this is pretty much true for most Canadian locations. So be sure to bring layers and accessories like gloves, hats and scarves.

3. Canada is a Natural and Urban Paradise

One of our favorite things about Canada is the combination of natural and urban beauty. In fact, there is nothing you will not find in this country. From the magnificent Niagara Falls to the old town of Quebec, Canada has it all.

Traveling In Canada

For more information on the best natural attractions and major cities you should visit in Canada, check out the table below:

Nature and AdventureNiagara FallsNahanni National ParkWhistlerPacific Rim National ParkBanff National ParkVancouver Island
Urban BeautyVancouverMontrealTorontoQuebecOttawaWinnipeg

Exploring Canada: Best places to visit

This ‘diversity’ of the Canadian landscape is the reason why thousands of people trust reliable real estate agencies like Resmile to buy a house in Canada and live there permanently.

4. Canadians are Polite and Speak Two Languages

It is common knowledge that Canadians are very polite. And this is not a rumor. You can expect the people around you to treat you well during your vacation, but also to provide exceptional customer service.

Another interesting fact about Canada is that the country has two official languages: English and French. Although the majority of Canadians speak English, there are 20% of the population whose native language is French (especially in Quebec).

If you are a US citizen visiting Canada, the language is definitely not a problem.

5. Travel Documents, Emergency Information and Health Insurance

Before you travel to Canada, gather all the travel documents, emergency information and health insurance you will need during your trip.

Things To Know Traveling In Canada

Regarding travel documents, all tourists need either a visa or ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) to enter Canada. US citizens are an exception to this rule. In any case, you should make sure that your passport is valid before you travel to Canada.

The emergency number in Canada (for police, fire and medical services) is 911. Since Canadian health insurance does not cover tourists, you should purchase travel insurance before visiting the country.


Whether you’re preparing for a road trip to Canada or just a short getaway, gathering documents and important information is critical to the success of your trip. Once you have everything in order, you can look forward to unforgettable memories!

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