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6 Great Ways to Ensure an Unforgettable Family Road Trip Post-Pandemic



Family Road Trip

After the coronavirus pandemic has taken over the world in 2020, our lives were changed forever. Apart from the health and safety guidelines we needed to follow, we were also forced to stay locked inside our homes, leading us to abandon any travel plans we might have made for the year. However, as the restrictions begin to loosen, and movement isn’t quite as risky anymore, most of us have started to plan a much-deserved holiday after such a demanding year.

If you want to go on a vacation with your family as well, road trips might be the safest option after the pandemic, and here is how you could make them as fun and unforgettable as possible:

1. Plan out your route in advance

While spontaneity might make for a unique travel experience, planning your trip in advance is one of the best things you could do when traveling with your kids, as it helps to give you some sense of peace and security on the road. For that reason, you should make it a point to map out your entire route in advance, including any stops and breaks, and always book accommodation beforehand, if necessary.

However, you might still need to be a bit more flexible during and after the pandemic. As travel bans have been set in place in many areas, and a number of national parks and nature reserves have closed, you should keep in mind that those restrictions might still be active even after the pandemic has passed, or that the restrictions might change while you’re on the road.

2. Hop in your car for shorter road trips

If you’re traveling on a budget with your family, particularly younger children, a car would be a great option for your road trip. Apart from allowing you to save on common travel costs, your own vehicle will also give you the freedom to go wherever you wish and plan your road trip according to your schedule, while providing your kids with a sense of safety and security through familiarity.

What’s more, a car is also wonderful for those shorter, weekend-long road trips, and it’s quite simple to maneuver and park, especially if there were some closures in your area. This will give you the opportunity to freely explore the beautiful nature and stunning sceneries on your journey, while still providing you with an option to effortlessly return home in case restrictions interfere with your holiday.

3. Consider an RV for longer journeys

If you have a larger budget, or you plan on taking family road trips more often, investing in an RV is also a wonderful idea. Not only will it give you the same freedom of exploration as a car, but it can also serve as an accommodation option during your journey, while being the ideal choice for the longer holidays.

Another brilliant thing about RVs is that you can truly make them feel like home, providing some necessary comfort both for you and your family. For instance, you can invest in a quality RV air conditioner that will help to maintain a pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere in your vehicle. Or, you could equip it with a TV and sound system for entertainment, while decorating the RV with familiar things from home for a more cozy feel. Renting a campervan has its perks: enjoying comfort and freedom without monthly payments and maintenance. And when you can’t travel with your own van, getting a camper rental that matches your family’s needs, like a camper by Cozy Campers, is the most practical. Think places like Iceland, where camping in a campervan is a popular and budget-friendly way to see the country.

Micro Van Hire is another convenient option, as micro vans are highly economical, so you can keep the cost of fuel to a minimum, especially if you are hiring the van for longer periods.

4. Research business models beforehand

Whether your family holidays include exploring nature, visiting galleries and museums, or simply stopping for food and drinks along the way, it would be wise to consider how the coronavirus has affected these aspects of travel. Some businesses and areas have closed temporarily and others permanently, while most of them were forced to change the way they operate, which might still be true even after the pandemic.

For this reason, it would be a good idea to research working hours, closures, safety guidelines, and all other necessary information in advance. To avoid any stress and disappointment on the road, ensure to make reservations for things like dining and visits to cultural institutions or entertainment venues in advance.

5. Prepare and stock up your vehicle

Regardless of the type of road trip you have planned, driving safety and car maintenance are incredibly important when traveling with your children, as they help to ensure security and peace of mind on the road. So, make sure to do a thorough checkup of your vehicle before you hit the road, and ensure it’s in optimal working condition.

Being self-sufficient and prepared for any emergencies is another essential aspect of road trips, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. That is why you should make it a point to stock up your vehicle with anything you might need on the road, whether that means enough food and drinks for the entire trip, essential outdoor gear, emergency kits for unexpected circumstances, or even disinfecting and protective equipment.

6. Don’t forget about entertainment

After all, the most important aspect of road trips is the memories we make along the way. So, do your best to make this time spent traveling a truly unforgettable experience for the entire family. Play some enjoyable music on the road and dare to engage in karaoke, plan some outdoor and car games to play with your kids, opt for fun movies and TV shows, and bring a camera to capture all of those special moments. Not only will these entertainment options help to keep your children happy and satisfied on the road, but they will also allow you to create endearing memories you’ll cherish forever.

Evidently, with just a bit of advanced planning and preparation, any family road trip can turn out to be a pleasant and unforgettable experience, even after the COVID-19 pandemic has taken its toll.

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