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Motorised Scooter Buying Guide: 6 Things to Look for In Motorised Scooters



motorised scooters buying guide

What to Look for When Buying Motorised Scooters?

There is no denying that motorised scooters can help you zoom from point A to point B in style without putting in as much effort as you would on a regular push scooter or bike. Moreover, they certainly are less strenuous, do not take up too much space at home, offer a more fun way to travel around, and are arguably much more convenient than a bike. Nonetheless, it is important to note that motorised scooters do not come cheap.

Although investing in motorised scooters is an ideal choice for daily commuters, there are some things that need to be kept in mind when choosing the right motorised scooter for yourself. Therefore, in this motorised scooter buying guide, we have outlined some of the key elements you must consider in order to make the best purchase.

But before we dive into the nitty-gritty of what you should and shouldn’t look for in motorised scooters, let us first see what they are.

What Are Motorised Scooters?

Motorised scooters – also commonly called electric scooters or mopeds – are motorised vehicles that feature two wheels. They are an economical way to commute as you won’t have to spend excessive amounts of money on gasoline.

Moreover, they are powered by a single engine, and you even have the option to purchase a motorised scooter that’s battery-operated, making them not only economical but also eco-friendly.

Now that you know what motorised scooters are, let’s go through some of the key elements that you should look for in them before making a purchase.

What to Look for When Buying Motorised Scooters?

Everybody has at least some basic idea of what features they need in their motorised scooter. This varies in terms of battery power, range, affordability, and supplementary features and amenities. Let’s have a close look at each:

#1 – Range

The range of a motorised scooter defines how much distance it can cover during one full charge. Based on your daily travel needs, you can select a motor scooter that offers the necessary range required by you.

There are many brands in Australia that provide a varying range of motorised scooters (for e.g. from 50km to75km per charge). Therefore, before making a final decision, be sure to browse through multiple brands to have a clearer idea about varying ranges.

#2 – Technological Specifications

Before buying a motorised scooter, it’s crucial to learn about the technical specifications of the vehicle. Remember, the battery is the life of your electric two-wheeler. Generally, these scooters are lead-acid batteries and li-ion batteries. Additionally, the battery type also tells a lot about the speed and range of the scooter. Therefore, do consider it closely before finalising a purchase.

#3 – Speed

Apart from range and technological specifications, the speed of motorised scooters is equally imperative when choosing the best motorised scooter for your travel needs. Remember, scooters with low speeds can be perfect for travelling within the city or crowded spaces as it’s safer and easier to ride low-speed motorised scooters through traffic and narrow lanes.

On the other hand, high speed motorised scooters are ideal for people who are always on the go and need a fast-paced vehicle to match their lifestyle.

#4 – Style & Features

Everyone deserves a motorised scooter that’s not only stylish but also has features that can keep up wither their lifestyle as well as needs. Trendy and youthful scooters with ample comfort, boot space and legroom are increasingly popular features for the new age motorised scooters.

Comfort and safety of motorised scooters are some other essentials, considering haphazard roads and traffic in Australian cities and towns.

#5 – Quality

If your everyday commute route involves heavy traffic, rough roads, and ambiguous weather, your motorised scooter must be strong enough to ride through it all. Therefore, we suggest you find a scooter that is reliable and built to last for a long, long time.

Moreover, the scooter should smoothly maneuver through confined streets and rough terrains. Moreover, make sure the batteries are enclosure protected, so they remain well guarded against any water entry.

#6 – Affordability

When it comes to the price of motorised scooters, it is essential to keep in mind that it depends on several aspects. Motorised scooter prices in Australia differ based on the kind of battery used.

For example, Li-ion batteries offer superior performance and are more efficient; thus, they might cost more than motorised scooters with lead-acid batteries. Nonetheless, many brands do offer affordable and functional motorised scooters that can help you save dollars in the long run.

Finally, always (always) take a motorised scooter for a test ride to ensure you make a satisfactory purchase. So, don’t be shy and ask for the keys! We hope with this motorised scooter buying guide; you will be able to get the worth of your money and enjoy the easy, breezy commute experience offered by motorised scooters.

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