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What You Should Consider the Next Time You Buy Dirt Bike Parts



What You Should Consider the Next Time You Buy Dirt Bike Parts

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Dirt bike parts are something that every rider will buy at some point. Whether performance-related, upgrades, or parts to maintain your bike, dirt bike parts are available from OEM and aftermarket suppliers. Regular wear and tear will require you to look for parts such as oil filters, grips, tires, spark plugs, and air filters. You may also wish to upgrade your machine’s performance by adding some things like graphics, suspension, and complete exhaust system modifications. Here is what you should consider the next time you buy dirt bike parts.

1. Engines

Dirt bike engines come in several sizes and two different types (two and four-stroke engines). However, they all share a principle that they move a piston up and down in a single-cylinder to produce power. The two-stroke engine produces power on every crankshaft rotation, meaning you will have instant power. Dirt bike engine displacements for two-stroke engines include 50cc, 65cc, 85cc, 125cc, 150cc, and 250cc. The four-stroke engine produces power on every two crankshaft rotations. This engine provides more usable power, making it easier to manage than the two-stroke option. Dirt bike engine displacement for four-stroke engines include, 50cc, 125cc, 150cc, 250cc, and 450cc. Dirt bike engines are never equal. This is why most people prefer modifying their bikes. When modifying your engine, consider the engine type and manufacturer.

2. Suspension

The suspension system of dirt bikes is made of two parts; the rear and front shocks. The rear shocks are under the rider and attached to the rear axle using a swingarm. The front shocks consist of clickers that you can adjust for compression and rebound. When choosing the right suspension system for your dirt bike, you want one that is comfortable, safe, and durable. Since riders have different weights and riding styles, choose a suspension system that you can easily install, maintain, and adjust. This will give you the best riding experience regardless of the terrain you choose.

3. Wheels

Dirt bikes are built to survive the worst terrains. As such, the wheels must be specially designed to work in these terrains. For instance, tires for challenging terrain are made from soft rubber and with closely spaced tread blocks. For soft terrain, the wheels are made from hard rubber with a scoop or paddle-type tread blocks. Always consider your dirt bike tires because they also affect your riding experience.

4. RG3 Triple Clamps

The RG3 triple clamps offer a less rigid feel on the handlebar. The clamps come with four-post rubber mounts and are available in several offsets, allowing you to change geometry and dial in the handling to your liking. The RG3 clamps also come in several colors, depending on the brand of your bike.

When buying dirt bike parts, always buy from reputable suppliers, like, which specialize in the highest quality. Tokyo mods care about your riding success and experience. For this reason, they put extreme care into the dirt bike parts they sell.

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