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Is It Better to Juice or Blend Celery?



Is It Better to Juice or Blend Celery

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

Nowadays, a very common question is what is actually the best way to have fruits and vegetables? The answer is, it depends on you. The only way which will also increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables and reduce waste is to juice or blend it.

There have some more factors here in determining the way of having these fruits and vegetables, including celery. This article will discuss those factors and answer whether it is better to juice or blend celery. Let’s find out which is the best way of having celery. Let’s start.

Is it better to juice or blend celery?

Juicing is the method of removing the liquid part from the fibre of the vegetable and fruits. You will get a refined and smooth liquid from it.

To do this, you need a juicer. In that case, you can choose one from the best juicer for celery. Juicing can be the best option for those who need a minimal fibre diet. Notably, juice has a small serving size than the blended serving size.

In blending, the full fruits and vegetables are used. Everything you will get to eat that you will place in the processor/blender. Moreover, you will be able to preserve the fibre in smoothies that will feel you fill.

Ultimately, it will boost your digestion power at a significant level. You can add some nuts, curds, and some dry foods with that. It will provide extra nutrients to the smoothie as well as increase the taste.

Juice also has a lot of benefits. People who don’t like to eat vegetables and fruits can take this in this way. But the only demerit is, here you will lose one of the essential elements of fruits and vegetables, that is fibre.

Here we will provide a comparison between them from which one you get more:

What we get from juice

We will provide you with the key factors here so that you can choose the best one for you from juicing and blending. Here are the benefits that we get from juicing:

Vitamin and nutrients:

You get a more integrated number of vitamins and nutrients from the juice.

Nutritional absorption:

You will get a better nutritional absorption from the juice. Actually, juice makes it easier for the stomach.

Control blood sugar:

Juice can control blood sugar, and you know better how important it is to keep your blood sugar in control.

Risk of heart diseases:

Nowadays, people who don’t have any heart problem is rare. Fruits and vegetable juice will reduce the risk of heart diseases. So, we can say that this one is one of the most important significances.

Lack of fibre:

If you make a juice of any fruit or vegetable, you are removing the liquid part of them from its fibre. Here fibres are being useless. You are not eating it, but we all know that fibre is very good for health as well as our digestion process. So, we have to say that this one is also an important considering factor.

What we get from blending:

Here are the benefits that we get from the blended vegetables or fruits:

Preserving fibre:

The topmost significance of blending is, you are getting all fibres from it. Fibre is one of the most important elements of fruits and vegetables. So, you have to give priority to this factor.

Feeling fuller:

When you are making juice, it is little in amount, just one glass liquid. It will give you a feel that you have something very little in amount like drinking water.

But when you have a smoothie, it will give you a feel that you are having something heavy, which will reduce your hunger to a significant level. So, when you are hungry and finding something to eat, we will suggest you choose to blend.

Providing antioxidant:

Blending fruits and vegetables will give you antioxidants in a significant amount, and you all know the significance of antioxidants in our body. It protects our cells against free radicals.

Take less time to ready:

Another important considering factor of blended fruits or vegetables is the required time to make. Blending takes significantly less time than juicing. So, if you are in a hurry, then you should choose this option

We have provided all the information about both juice and smoothie. We hope now you will easily understand which one will be best for you.


Juicing or blending, which one is the best? It actually varies from country to country, culture or culture, society to society, and ultimately individual to individual. Though celery juice has a lot of health benefits, blending celery is not bad for health. Both have some benefits.

It is a matter of time and effort. Blending takes much time and effort. So, you can take blend and juice of celery both without thinking twice. But if you are a busy person, we can recommend you to have a blended one because it takes less time and effort than juice. That’s all here.

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